Nano Day Four: First and Last lines of yesterday

First Line of Yesterday: “Ah, but then you wouldn’t get your fee.” Guisswin smirked up at her.

Last Line of Yesterday: “Definitely boredom. I would rather die of staring at your face all night than be rescued by [name name2].”

I wrote 2,518 words yesterday, for a total of 10,095

My goal is 2500/day with skip days; I wrote on my Sunday skip day so I’m one day ahead, almost exactly.

Names Needed
You, miss. Are Emilia [dadslastname], [motherdaughter].

(Emilia Carina, daughter of Arcelia.)


“…are you trying to cheer met up, Carlotta [last name] [motherdaughther2]?”

(Carlotta Novara, daughter of Larettia)

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