The Hidden Mall 39: Don’t Look Down 👇


Abby didn’t pay much attention to the Livs and Vic talking behind her.  She was too focused on getting from their entryway to the far side of the mall without falling over the edge of the walkway.

As she walked, she realized that it was pretty unlikely – the sway, while it seemed pretty extreme, was actually very limited, and the sides were a fine mesh that wouldn’t allow anyone to slide through.

“It doesn’t seem like a very good – oh.”

Abby stopped.  “Oh?” She did not want to turn around.

“You don’t want to look off to the left right now, Abs, trust us.”

“Tell me.”  She wondered when her voice had gotten so forceful.  “Tell me!”

“Abs….  Abs, there’s some dead people, I mean, really, really dead, hanging  – don’t look!”  Liv sounded like she was going to vomit.  Abby clung to the handrails and kept walking forward.  “I don’t think they’re, uh, I don’t think they’re us.” Her own voice echoed her in French, and Vic-French rattled off something in the same language.  “Vic says she saw a movie like this.”

“Un filme, yeah.  Hunh. We’re in her horror movies now, are we?  How did the survivors get out?”

A moment’s discussion behind her came to the conclusion that the roof had been the way out, the roof and a helicopter.

“Well, I doubt we’re going to get a helicopter.”  They were nearly to one of the hanging stores. There were nearly to someplace where she didn’t have to worry about looking down.

How was she going to manage to get up and to the left here?

Well, presumably, since there were layers, there were ways to get between them.  And those should be accessible to shoppers – although if there were – if there were bodies

“Well,” Abby answered, while not looking down or to either side of her, “people who are trying to get away from something.  People who want to leave a warning. Or people who don’t know the bodies are here.”

“Or there’s no people left,” the other Liv offered.  She murmured something to Vic-French.

Abby stopped dead.  “What are we doing?”

“We’re going up and to the left?” Liv sounded confused.  “Probably to a store first?”

“No, I mean… what are we doing?  What are we doing dragging along someone who has no idea what’s going on?  She can’t even talk to me, she was in her own world, and she’s not part of this.  Bringing along other people who were already in the Mall… that’s one thing.”

“How do you tell the difference?”  Liv poked her in the back as she was talking.  Abby took it as a cue to start moving again. “I mean, if some of the malls aren’t real malls….”

“We have to at least tell her.”

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