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Chase the Fox Part IV

Written to @DaHob‘s commissioned continuation; part IV of a longer story.  

This comes after Fox Hunt(Saturday) and The Hunt Continues (Wednesday), Chase the Fox Part I (Wednesday – the following Saturday), Part II (The next Wednesday and Thursday), and Part III (Friday and Monday morning)

Wednesday Morning

Challenge. She wanted challenge? George would give her a freaking challenge. He would disappear so well into the landscape that nobody could find him, change his appearance so much even his mother wouldn’t be able to tell it was him, and lay low until she’d gotten tired of looking, until she’d gotten bored with this little game of hers. Continue reading

Asta’s Journal, a fragment

June 7, 1942

I have joined the WAAC, despite argument from every aunt, grandmother, great-aunt and casual adult female relation I have (and the ten percent of the male relations brave enough to voice an opinion on our family, including my father, my uncle Thomas, and the strange Uncle West, who should say nothing, as he is also enlisting).

I have joined for several reasons, not the least nor greatest of which is to remove myself for a time from the authority of said aunts, grandmothers, and other such relations. The more important reasons, however, are patriotic and, as always, familial: I cannot stay home while nephews, brothers, and cousins are enlisting, and I have no children, no husband, and, if the family has anything to say about it, no prospects of either. So I will help serve our country, and I hope perhaps in doing so that I will be able to provide some auxiliary help to our men in uniform, as they say.

The family is angry, of course, because they have rested all of their hopes on me. Ardelia is already married. Suzanne is already on her second child. And while Beatrix is not yet married, nobody believes she can spark enough to light a candle, much less carry the family.

If I am to be aunt, as it seems I will be, I will make certain the family does not repeat that mistake. There are so many female children. They should all know if they can carry the weight, long before it comes to the point where they are running away to join the army…

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Lilac in Spring

“Hey, stop that, stop that. You’re my mother, yes, I fully acknowledge that, but what are you doing, no, no, not inside the ear…

The cat often known as Radar was in the habit of ignoring voices that spoke in English. It wouldn’t do for anyone – not even the human that theoretically could call him as familiar – to get used to him being tame. He was a cat, after all, no matter what machinations had folded him into that shape.

But something about this voice drew him back, when he had nearly walked past the room and out of the house. Continue reading

The Invasion of the Kaa-Tah

The Kaa-tah arrived in early Spring, as the snow was melting. They came down in unsettled areas, their small landing craft hiding easily in forests, in deep grass, in rolling hills. They were picked up on radar, but even so, falling a few a day, all over the globe, it took the world’s authorities too long to recognize the invasion for what it was.

The Kaa-tah did not immediately engage local populations; instead, they put the robots and tools they had brought to good use, building structures, setting up small, isolated settlements and beginning to manufacture more tools, more advanced robots.

The first humans to discover Kaa-tah-eh settlements were gently rebuffed, sent away with a light smattering of weapons fire. Continue reading

Chase the Fox Part III

Written to @DaHob‘s commissioned continuation; part III of a longer story.  

This comes after Fox Hunt(Saturday) and The Hunt Continues (Wednesday), Chase the Fox Part I (Wednesday – the following Saturday), and Part II (The next Wednesday and Thursday).



It was still such a bad idea, such a dumb idea, but George took the offered night in the hotel — the nicest the area had to offer, he was fairly certain. He cleaned himself up, shopped at the overpriced gift shop, slept solidly, and left the next day looking like a travelling businessman rather than a backpacking kid.

The look on the woman’s face haunted him. She’d nearly been licking her lips. George had been on the end of hungry women before — but never one who acted quite so much like he was the perfect prey.

Well, he was done running for her. He hopped a train to the nearest border crossing, paying with cash, and spent some quality time in the train bathroom forging papers. Continue reading