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The Serial Islands – a geographic profile (for Patreon)

repost note: some of this has changed either a little or a lot since I wrote this back in 2016 -Lyn

I’m trying something new with the upcoming serial – essentially asking the prompter($5+)-level donors to fill in parts of the serial description (you can see it here in my reward-tier profile).

M. B. and Hob gave me setting notes, which tells us that our family of hikers lived on a tropical sky island.

So here’s your floating archipelago:  Continue reading

Second Thoughts, Third Thoughts – A Patreon Story

A story of going-to-Doomsday-Academy

“Here we are.” Adelaide looked at her three children, then looked back at the gate in front of them. She stole another glance at her kids and sighed.

Ameera had gone to Addergoole two years ago. This would be her third year there, and she looked both worried and eager. Lorccán was going this year. He looked eager. He didn’t really know what he was getting into.

But first, they were going to Doomsday. She wasn’t sure if she was going to tell Addergoole about her third child – and Doomsday started years earlier than Addergoole, anyway. Continue reading

Going to Asthrifel

“You’re sure you don’t want to go to the Tower.”

Artemisia’s parents hovered closely, her mother clutching the last of Arta’s trunks as if that might make her change her mind.

“The Tower accepted you,” her father reminded her. “It’s not common for women, not at all, but considering your family lines…”

They’d been having these conversations for months. Artemisia knew all of her lines by heart, and all of their lines, too.

“That’s lovely of them. And the Pumpkin invited me too. And Asthrifel gave me a full scholarship and a promise of a fellowship if I keep my grades up.” Artemisia tried hard to not sound exasperated. “It’s a little late, anyway.”

“The Tower’s classes don’t start until next week.” Her mother stepped forward. “Sage was very happy at the Tower.” Continue reading


A story of Addergoole, sometime between year 12 and Year 17.

The table in the middle of the Dining Hall was empty.

Corneille had been been at Addergoole for three weeks. His first day here, the table had been over-full: eight of them at a six-person table, the four of them that had caught the flight in from Philly, two they’d met at the airport, two more they’d met at the first assembly. This place was weird, they all agreed, but it was a hundred percent better than the reform school, the military school, the nerdy prep school they thought they’d been going to.

It had been Einar that asked the question. “Why do you think they all made up different stories? I mean, what’s so strange about this place that they had to lie?”

Einar had been the first one to disappear from the table, too. He’d been there one day, and then the next, he’d started spending all his time with this older girl. He sat with her, off in the corner of the Dining Hall with a bunch of other older girls, and when they’d tried to talk to him, he’d gotten squirrelly and weird about it.

Folami had sat down at the Table Of All The Girls to see what was going on with Einar, and never come back.

Celinda had gotten in a big fight with a guy, and then ended up sitting between him & his twin brother at meals. She still talked to Corneille and the rest of them, but if anyone asked about her twins, she just blushed and looked away.

One after another, they got picked off. Last Friday, they’d been down to five. The lights had been out Saturday… and Sunday it was just Corneille and Elissa.

Today, Elissa was nowhere in sight. Corneille sat down, trying not to look as exposed and obvious as he felt. It was like the moment in a horror movie when you realize the monsters have just grabbed your last surviving friend and…

“Hi.” A fey and beautiful person plopped themselves in front of Corneille. “You look lonely.”


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