Serial Fiction Posted Elsewhere

As of April 2020, I have no current serial not running on the main blog! How weird… 

Edally Academy A steampunk boarding school!  All Tairiekie wants is to be better at school than her parents were.  Will the Academy cooperate? Enrie wants to be something more than just a royal; Saydrie wants to be something more than just a Bitrani.  And of course, they have to survive school. (Three books, completed)

Inner Circle, a webserial (on hiatus) set in a far-post-apoc magical world: Getting to the Inner Circle can take a lifetime – or cost you your life.

Addergoole: The Original Series was the serial that started it all.  They think they’re going to a boarding school; they didn’t know it’s a whole different world underground…

Addergoole: Year 9 follows another year of students – 52 weeks, 52 chapters.  The world goes deeper and deeper… (complete)

Addergoole: Ghost Story, written with Cal: Come back to Addergoole for another year – or if you’re new, start school with Abednego, Cynara, Arnbjörg, and Leofric.

They all have their own reasons for wanting to come to Addergoole – but it’s going to surprise them in so many ways. (complete)

Side Quest (on Hiatus) – All she wants to do is get to the capital to pay her family’s taxes.  But everywhere she stops, there’s one more thing to do…

MARKED is a serial currently on hiatus, written with my friend Cal. Follow along with the story of Nilien, a Wild Rune in an era where most Runes are created in the safety of the Academy.

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