Side Quest


This is my July 2017 Camp NanoWriMo project.

Raizel just wants to get to the capitol to pay her taxes and register her family for the census.

Somehow, that’s going to take all month.

Just finding this? Start here.


This was inspired by the Mastodon Side Quest Bot.

I dreamed up my own similar generator – with suggestions from @Lilfluff and @Dahob – and for each day except the first and the last of this story, I will roll up a random quest, such as:

The conspiracy theorist will bribe you to excavate the Evil falcon.

From there, Raizel’s journey will take another turn off of her nice, straight route to the capitol.

Will she even make it there?  That remains to be seen.


Side Quest will post weekdays throughout July and then Tuesdays and Fridays through August until Raizel’s story is complete.


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