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I was trying to come up with a new long form project ans I ended with three.   Last night.


I need some help


Stone buildings

Let’s be honest, the US is a little short in nice stone buildings (skipping like the Hopi Pueblo and the ccc buildings..

So, excluding Only modern media (Reign, GoT), tell me about your favorite Stone buildings from reality,  fantasy,  next door…

I note that I know nothing about non usian history,  but that just  makes me want more.

That photo

Ahem.  I’ll see what I can do about an exemplar, and considering the war…..


…..anyone got any teenagers’ opinions….

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  1. First one that came to mind:
    It has a hole that goes not quite through one of the walls, dating from 1689,_Andernach.jpg
    Here’s the Wikipedia site:,_Andernach

    Porta Nigra, Trier:

    central train station of Helsinki:

    Do you have any preferred direction of what KIND of stone buildings you’re looking for? Do brick buildings count?

  2. My sweetie’s a fan of the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.
    I’ve never been there, but this photo of one of its gargolyes charmed me:

    How about the Goreme open air museum in Turkey, which preserves some of the buildings that are carved into the local tufa — also some of the better-protected interiors have some amazing paintings.

    Hearst Castle?

    Mosaic rather than stone, but I am a great fan of Watts Towers:

    Boston’s Trinity Church?
    Or the Boston Public Library that faces it?
    Or for more mundane buildings, Boston brownstones.

    Is something like Falling Water sufficiently stone to count?

    More as further ideas wander by.

  3. Most/many of the buildings on the Indiana University campus are made from local limestone and it’s so good looking!

  4. Boston’s Commercial Wharf ( is a former warehouse row, now converted to condos.

    King’s Chapel in Boston ( was built of trimmed down surface granite boulders, as modern granite quarrying techniques didn’t exist yet.

    The Harold Washington Library in Chicago ( is two stories of granite block with brick above that. Despite what it looks like, it was finished in 1991.

    Lowell’s main branch library, Pollard Memorial Library ( is from 1893, and built of granite.

    The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale ( is an odd duck: a modern steel-framed building, but strangely windowless. Except every panel is made of comparatively thin (1.25″) marble, which admits light that doesn’t damage the rare books inside.

    The Michigan capitol building ( is faced in stone, but the underlying structure is brick.

    The latest Custom House in Boston ( multiple buildings in the article, the latest is the tower) started off an entirely granite building, finished in 1849. The 1913-1915 addition of the tower is faced in stone, but steel structure underneath.

  5. What war? I may be able to find some teenagers’ opinions, but I’m confused about the question. Opinions on stone buildings, a war, or something else?

    I’m really pleased that you’ve recovered enough to write, and blog, again!

  6. Stone buildings:

    Petra, Jordan (must provide email address to read article) or

    The Köln cathedral is quite impressive. Aside from being impressed, I’m the sort of person who, when I visited it ~1990, wondered how they change the light bulbs in the chandelier!

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