In Tree Years

Curry is a character in Addergoole: Year 9.  This is set – well, it’s got to be an AU which I didn’t think about until I’d finished writing it, or rather, until I started posting it. 

This is set in 2021 or thereabouts, which means it can’t happen the way I wrote it, because it is set 10 years after the apocalypse.  No Victoria’s Secret Angels in 2021 in Fae Apoc. 

But enjoy it anyway as a look into Curry.


“You’re.. thirty.”

“Thirty-four.”  Curry shifted.  He had kids that were older than he’d been when he’d – when – when he’d seeded

Which was enough time to figure out a few things, he supposed. 

He cleared his throat.  He’d thought this would be the right sort of person to talk to.  He’d called back to Addergoole and they’d suggested this woman as someone he could talk to about everything

“The thing is.  I’m a tree.”  He dropped his Mask and held his breath. 

The therapist looked him up and down thoughtfully, shaggy bark skin and needles hair and the sort of greeny color over most of him.  Well, the parts that were visible; he’d rolled up his sleeves but he was fully clothed. 

“I see.  You have an interesting arboreal Change, I agree, but what does that have to do with – with your sexuality?”

 He cleared his throat. “Can I – can I sit?”

“Yes, of course.  Please do.” She cleared her throat and sat in one of the comfortable-looking chairs, gesturing to another one.  Curry put his Mask back up – he’d never really been all that comfortable with it – and sat.  

“So the thing is, the thing people didn’t really explain to me until part way through my second year,  I don’t, uh.  I don’t grow up at the speed a normal human did. I’m something like 15, 16 in tree years, maybe? I mean, I might’ve grown up slower if I’d Changed earlier, but..”

It still made him uncomfortable.  The whole thing made him feel like a teenager again. Like an idiot teenager. 

“…but more or less,” he tried, “uh.  I looked more adult than I was at sixteen, seventeen, and I tried hard to you know, fit in, but I didn’t really get it.”  He huffed.  “I went to a school that was designed to get people having sex and the only time I felt anything remotely like – uh.  like anything was when someone lit me on fire.  Kheper.”

He huffed a little, a little laugh at himself, just before he caught the therapist’s expression.  “It’s okay! It’s okay, it didn’t even hurt.  It just – my seeds.”  He coughed.  “Turns out that’s uh.  That’s how I reproduce.   Asexually.  I have some little – well, they’re not little anymore, they’re like… late teens – seedlings.  But I – I was sitting with a couple friends the other day, and they were watching this thing, uh, Victoria’s Secret Angels.  And… nothing.  And it finally occurred to me that they weren’t all just pretending to like them.  And then I thought about the way Eli looks at Zola, this girl he’s seeing, and that’s… another thing.  I’ve never looked at anyone like that.  The closest I’ve ever gotten is, is this guy I was friends with right out of school.  And I think I was trying to be his sidekick, you know?  Everyone seemed so much more grown-up than me.”

He huffed again.  “I think this is a longer matter.  Everyone’s always seemed more grown-up than me.  I’m just now starting to feel like the twenty-year-olds make sense, you know?  And my kids are nearly twenty. But.. .I’m trying to figure this whole thing out.  Men.. women… I’m not sure I…”  He winced.  “I’m not sure I care?  I’m not sure I’m into.. anyone?”

The therapist leaned forward.  “It’s possible you never will be.  It’s possible that you’re asexual in more than one way.  I’ve got some literature that would be good for you, if you don’t mind a little reading?”

Curry smirked.  “I outgrew hating reading,” he admitted.  “Or maybe it was something else I was always faking.”

“I think there’s a lot to unpack here,” the therapist continued, “but if you’re willing to take the time… well, my Change is rock.  I’m willing to move as slowly as you need.”

Curry chuckled as the woman dropped her Mask to reveal stony crags and spikes.  “I guess Professor Valerian knew who she was sending me to.”

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Pumpkin Call Round-Up


I have written some Pumpkiny Squash Stories!

If you want more, comment on the stories!  First two with 5 comments, then 7 comments, and so on…

The Original Call can be found here:

Pumpkin Patch – Stranded World, Summer, Melinda, and Bishop.  A trip to a pumpkin patch and some interesting discussion.
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The Pumpkin Witch – a story, a tale, a myth, a truth?
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A Voluntary Offering – You can find all sorts of things in Crossroads Park. Including squash.
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Heirloom Gourds – the Aunt Family. Cordelia’s neighbors grow heirloom gourds.
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Heirloom Smiles – Cordelia may have more in common with her neighbors than she expects.
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Orange – Stranded.  Autumn setting up a harvest display.
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Squashed – fae apoc. Sometimes the bad guys are right behind you. Sometimes you have to be creative to stop them.
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Growing Home – Fae Apoc (but fluffyish) – when what you have is a garden and what you need is home…
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Pumpkin Diplomacy – when snowed in, you have to do something.
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Heirloom Smiles

Heirloom Smiles

This story comes from my Squish-Squash, Pumpkins and Gourds Prompt Call and is a follow-up to Heirloom Gourds. Brett and Enid were mentioned and present in Exhaustion

Aunt Family. 


As with most good things, Cordelia found she couldn’t leave well enough alone when it came to her neighbor with the amazing squash.

More so when, over the short, decorative fence, she could see that her new neighbor Millie was having victors. Continue reading

So, tell me…

Husband got me a new microphone and I’d like to try reading a short story for people to listen to.

This is very nerve-wracking but I want to do it.

Please suggest one of my short stories – Probably something short enough you say “not done yet!” – preferably under 2000 words max – for me to record myself reading for you.

Purchase Negotiation 48: Dressed

First: Purchased: Negotiation


“This is what you have in mind? You picked this out all by yourself?”

Leander tensed, because Melody’s tone was the sort of thing she could get away with taking with him, but she wasn’t talking to him, she was talking to Sylviane, and whether or not Leander liked the tone — he didn’t, people shouldn’t talk to her like that — Sylviane wasn’t likely to put up with it.

Was she?

“I’m not twelve.” Sylviane huffed quietly. “Yes.  I picked out these options all by myself, Melody.  The tux for Leander —”

“Rather plain, isn’t it?” Continue reading

Saving the Cult (if not the World), Chapter Thirty-One

Saving the Cult (If not the World) "It's time." Manfield Lee knew he was good at sounding authoritative even when he didn't know what he was talking about - he'd turned a fortune into a megafortune doing just that, after all, not to mention running the Organization - but right now, he DID know what he was talking about. After all, it was just a date, wasn't it? And if the date turned out to be wrong, well, then he knew exactly what to blame it on, and that blame would fall on the scholars and the psychics, not on him. The other thing Manfield Lee knew how to do was to place the blame in very specific ways that were not him.

Ethan glared at Lina and Jackson. “I mean it. Stop beating yourself up. We slept, yeah, and now – this time.” He took a deep breath. “This time, we know what we’re going into, and we can call a taxi, rent a limo if we have to, and we won’t need as much sleep, because we won’t have just stopped that riot and then the end of the world. Just the end of the world,” he added, trailing off on that happy note. Continue reading

The Helpers

The Helpers

Fae Apoc, early on in the apoc. 

If you’d like a good sense of the Fae Apoc, check out –  a site on which I posted news articles of the beginning of the Faerie Apocalypse. 

To know enough to read this story: there are godlike creatures attacking the cities, and there are fae – including young fae, 20-somethings – who were born on earth and lived like humans until their teens.  


This was written just because of that idea, that might-or-not-be-a-Mr. Rogers-quote, the one that is the end of the Look for the Helpers quote – if you’re an adult, Be the Helpers. 

I started this June 12 this year.  It’s taken me a while to finish!


“-and down on Court Street, you can see that the Banner Building has collapsed.  We don’t know how many people are still alive on the other side of the devastation; all communication seems to be down.”

The local reporter looked tired; more than tired, she looked desperate.  The first building going down could’ve been coincidence, but now a four-block area of downtown was completely blocked off, and at least some of it had to have been deliberate.  Continue reading

The Pencatte Catacombs, a Fediverse CYOA

Pencatte-acombsI am doing a Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure one post/day from now through the end of the story/Halloween/as I feel it!

I am only doing this on the Fediverse – Mastodon, etc. – but it’s easy to get an account.

My suggestions: – If you want an invite code, ask me; I have lots.  This is the instance I’m posting this story from. – an open-registration site that seems pretty friendly.  I have an account there as my backup. 

If you want the lowest-effort account just to take part in this Choose The Adventure, I suggest

I don’t suggest the “flagship”; they’re having issues lately. is very nice; I can get you in touch with their mod.

Ditto – it’s got a lot of really nice people!

I’ve heard good things about

A longer thread on good instances –

Growing Home

Growing home

This story is the Seventh one to my Squish-Squash, Pumpkins and Gourds Prompt Call

This story is Fae Apoc, but nothing is needed to be known about the setting to read it except there is an apoc and magic exists. 


 Winter was fast approaching – well, it was September, but that was close enough to start worrying – and, as Grishma looked around her little clearing, she realized she had no more shelter than she’d had last year.

Last winter had been brutal. There were things Grishma was good at and things she wasn’t, and one of the things she really wasn’t all that good at was, well, surviving in the wilderness. Continue reading