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From yesterday through mid day Thursday, August 6th, I have a Prompt Call running here – anyone can prompt and please do!

This comes afterR is for Rituals and Linguistic Tricks and Finish It: Scheffenon, but the information you need to read the below story is:

Scheffenon is a city on the North See, in the norther-western part of a sprawling Empire.  Eliška is an Informer, an Imperial position which is part anthropologist, part internal spy, part propaganda artist for the Empire. 

And there is something creepy about the sea in Scheffenon. 


“Fresh fish!  Freshest fish, pulled from the ponds and rivers to the East!  Fresh fish!” Continue reading

Day Of Writing Commences! Dun-dun-DUNNNN

Hello everyone!

My Day of Writing commences (after walking the dogs, showering, being woken up too early because my folks’ dogs are on my folks’ schedule, which does NOT involve staying up past midnight, oops…).

My Prompt Call is open here – – and I’m hoping for many more prompts!

Written yesterday:

Unplumbed Depths – Fishing in Minecraft can get you some strange results.  This fictional view of the fishing strips out a lot of the blockier elements but does leave a fishing pole with, perhaps, a little too much Luck enchanted into it.

…A Break…? – Jess works security at The Facility, a place where science which nobody calls mad (in the hearing of the scientists) is perpetrated.  It’s a really good job.  But sometimes, your friend up in the top end of things asks for a favor…


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…A Break?

a break?

From now through mid day Thursday, August 6th, I have a Prompt Call running here – anyone can prompt and please do!

Jess, below, is from Quick Thinking, in the Science! setting. Cara is from almost all the Science stories except that one… But her first appearance was here.


“Just four of them, Jess?  Dr. Adpirn was supposed to take them on the annual research vacation, but I’m sure you’ve heard what happened-”

“Was that the one that the thing down in the basement levels got?”

“No, that was Doctor Waspue.  Dr. Adpirn was the one that got a little too involved in the testing of a new miracle drug.  The problem was, of course, the side effects…”

Jess winced.  She tried to stay away from the biological sciences as much as she could, although, as Chief of Security for her division, she ended up spending a lot of time in every department,including the icky ones. Continue reading

Unplumbed Depths

From now through mid day Thursday, August 6th, I have a Prompt Call running here – anyone can prompt and please do!


“Have you ever wondered where all this stuff comes from?” Bryn spent a moment untangling a fishhook from a book.  The book, dripping and draped in seaweed, still glowed faintly with letters in a language neither Bryn nor Johnie could read.

“Not really.”  Johnie, of little imagination but a great deal of persistence, cast again.  In the hour they had been fishing, they had both caught enough boots to shoe a particularly left-leaning army, but actual fish, the sort of things one could eat for dinner, were still in short supply.  “Figure they come from some sort of shipwreck, back before the upheaval, you know?  Same way sometimes you go to dig up your garden and instead you find old bones and pieces of pottery.”

“Pottery doesn’t glow.”  Bryn dropped the book, already nearly dry, in a box dedicated to such things and cast again.  “Okay, most pottery doesn’t glow.  That pot your parents found – that was pretty impressive.”

“‘Till my uncle started going mad, yeah.  Then it was a little less fun.”  Johnie reeled in a bowl, carved from, for all appearances, a single large chunk of wood. “Oh, good, we can make leather-hide-and-no-fish soup.  Except we don’t even have any no-fish yet.”

“I’ve got a bit.”  Bryn braced against the pier’s biggest piling.  “Oh, this one is nuts.  What did I catch, one of the shipfish?  Oh, blasted barrens-”  Bryn leaned back hard and reeled in.  “I think I’ve got it, I think I’ve got it-”

“Maybe -”  Johnie had taken a step backwards and then another.  “Maybe you should let it go.  I know it’s a really good pole – but maybe it’s, uh.  Maybe it’s a little too good?  I’m just saying…”

Bryn followed Johnie’s shaking finger to the water, where something was frothing the surface badly.  A tentacle waved out of the splashing, looking nothing at all like the peaceful squidlings that inhabited the nearby rivers.  This thing was nearly as thick around as Bryn’s waist, twice as long as Bryn was tall, and it was clearly connected to something underwater.  And now it was being joined by another, and another…

“Maybe I ought to let go.”  It was a really good pole, one that had come from a stash of the before things.  Bryn tried to make reluctant fingers release from the handle, but the hours of work spent getting this pole, cleaning it up, fixing its two small breaks…

“Bryn!  It’s now or never!”

Bryn’s fingers almost released, but the jerking of the poll made both hands tighten in reflex.  Bryn screamed as the pole flew into the water, taking Bryn with it, landing in the middle of the splashing mess of angry tentacles.

Through the inky blackness, Bryn could see lights deep underwater.  Something about the lights said temple, but something brighter seemed to say library. 

Then a tentacle wrapped around Bryn’s waist, and the only thing Bryn was thinking about was get me out of here.


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Summertime Prompt Call: Gone Fishin’

The theme for this prompt call is: Gone Fishin’/Fish Story!

The idea: you prompt, as many prompts as you want, as long as they are related to the theme

I write at least one story or vignette or beginning of a story to at least one of your prompts.

(optional step: you say “Lynnnnnn! Cliffffhanggger!  What happens next?”)

Ideal step: you comment on the fictions I have written, possibly also boosting the signal on social media.

I continue until morale improves, or until my writing vacation is over, or until I lose power and am reduced to writing on my phone.

Everyone is welcome to prompt, and prompting is free!

If you are a new reader/prompter, please let me know, and please let me know also from whence you came. 

Prompt on!


One note: Prompts of a sort I like are somewhere in the middle: not a complete scenario and not just one-three words.  “Ice Fishing”: too broad.  “Three people go ice fishing on a day the ice is about to thaw.  One of them falls through because of the actions of the other two.  What happens next?” is a little too specific. 


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Advance Notice: Prompt Call Coming Tomorrow

Starting Tomorrow around 5 pm. Eastern Time and lasting through noon Thursday, I am going to be hosting a Prompt Call!

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I’m going to be heavily practicing the art of the cliffhanger over the next few days, so if you can think of anyone who might want to check out my fiction and leave a prompt / leave a comment, send ’em my way!

Everything will be posted on and/or (anything on Patreon will be open for all to read!)

The theme for this prompt call is Gone Fishin’ / Fish Story. Get your fishy prompts ready!

Note: You CAN, as is the habit of a couple of my readers ;-), leave me prompts such as “Rin and Girey go fishing.” (Not that one, I wrote that already) ( ) or “some more on Fish Story” –

(that’s here – – or there’s this one – )

– and I’ll do my best on those, but I’m going to request that you also leave me at least one prompt that doesn’t require research 😉  Wednesday I’m aiming for a wordcount record and those are harder to get while falling into reading-all-my-old-fic holes 😀 😀

The Bellamy, Chapter 18


In another world, Veronika might have been a little surprised that she was having tea with a gorgeous woman with horns curling out of her skull.  In this life, and especially today, she was rather impatiently waiting for said woman to answer her. 

 Why was she doing this?  What was this test all about?

Was it really trying to kill her?

“The answer is at least three fold: If you cannot handle small things, like, say, the skeleton room, you cannot work here, because those things are an everyday fact of life in this place.  If you cannot, if not get along with, at least manage to not get in a screaming fight with, most of the members of the staff already here, then you cannot work here, because we all have to work together.  If you cannot accept that this place has supernatural elements, well, then you just do not belong here, and we would likely have given you a strong recommendation to a more mundane location.  And.”  She was clearly stalling.  This time the little sandwich she picked up was a clearly-chewy one and she took her time with it.  Continue reading

The Great August Rebloggening Challenge

home site housekeeping challenge

Do you find yourself going “man, I really should…” about your web presence?

Are your links a mess?

Was your “about” last updated in 1999?

Do you have a page which references “current” serials you can’t even remember when you finished?

Do you want to move things to a new site, clean up old sites, or rearrange things so people can find something in particular?

Do you want to get into or back into a regular posting habit?

Welcome to the home site housekeeping challenge!

The Challenge:

Pick a number of tasks you wish to commit to doing per week (1, 3, 7, 11, ??)

Post weekly here for accountability, and on the hashtag #HomeSiteHousekeeping wherever else you post

List all the tasks you want to do

Break them into manageable tasks.


The reward:

A cleaner, fuller, happier home site!

Also, I will make badges.

Also-also, I encourage people to give feedback on changes and visit other challengers sites!

The Add-Ons:

I would love it if others would help me come up with occasional daily or weekly mini-challenges.  Daily should be small, able to be done in 10-15 minutes at the most.  Weekly can take up to an hour and a half total, I’d say.


Daily: What’s the part of your site you have changed the least recently?  Do you still need it? If not, time to archive it!

Weekly: Is there a graphic on your site that you look at every day? Should it be updated? (Is there a place you just NEED a graphic you don’t have?) Time to update it!


Who Can Join?

Everyone!  Anyone! You! 

Tell your friends! Tell your foes! Tell your mom! (Don’t tell my mom…)


It’s August first, friends! Let’s clean our sites!

Purchase Negotiation 42: Baseline

First: Purchased: Negotiation

Content warning in this case – discussion of consent, the lack thereof, and of rape.  Some more.


He walked into Sylviane’s room to find her back to him, her naked back to him. 

He cleared his throat.  “I can- ah.  Wait…”

“Oh!”  She turned slowly to look at him.  She was, yes, completely naked. 

He wondered what she looked like without a Glamour on, without the Mask that made fae look human.  

Then he decided she looked gorgeous and he was being foolish wondering anything else.  Continue reading