The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

Teal Deer: If you’re a Patreon Patron, or if you leave a tip from now— Nov. 29th via Ko-Fi or Paypal, leave me a prompt on any one of the last 12 months’ Patreon themes (or Nov 19’s theme) and I will write you words.

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

Hello gentlefolk!

For NanoWrimo this year (yep, it’s coming up that quickly!), I am going to let you — specifically my Patrons and tippers — tell me what to write. Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 22: College Prep

First: Purchased: Negotiation
Previous: Dad


If pressed, Leander would never have admitted that he was nervous about bed time. Even if ordered, he thought he would have found a way around it. Possibly just getting an aneurysm and passing out.

But pizza had led to sitting on the couch while Sylviane watched TV, played on her computer, and chatted with her friends and Leander mostly watched the TV and wondered if he was going to need to pick up a hobby. Continue reading

Running in the Bear Empire 64: A Long Journey Across the Hall

First: Running in the Bear Empire

Deline pushed backwards, arched her back, and shoved into Carrone as she dodged the dart.

“Those blasted things.” he swore as he caught her, stumbling backwards. 

Deline dragged a hand into her belt pouch and pulled out some desiccated herbs and a pile of flower petals.  They weren’t quite the right ingredients –  Continue reading

Spoils of War 22: How Long?

First: Spoils of War I: Surrender


She woke feeling refreshed, warm, possibly too warm, and hungry. 

She turned to find that she was being slept on by both of Carrone’s large cats, and that she was alone in the bed. 

One of the cats looked at her, licked her face, and bounded off.  The other one sprawled pointedly over her. 

Nikol looked down at the cat.  It had to weigh at least 25 lbs, and it was making every pound of that known in a surprisingly comfortable manner, its front paws on her chest and its back paws nearly at her knee.  “I take it I’m supposed to stay here for a bit?”

The cat murrowled quietly and started purring.  Continue reading

Worldbuilding Wednesday: Strands in Odd Places

So @Shutsumon started doing Worldbuilding Wednesday on Mastodon and that got me thinking and so then I started and…

well, here’s last week’s post. I’m going to try to post them a week after I toot (post on Mastodon) them.

Strands in Weird Places

In theory, Stranded World is composed of “Strands” which make up the connections of every thing and being to every other thing and being; certain people can see, manipulate, or read the Strands but they come into existence and eventually fade away on their own in a constant cycle of renewal. 

In practice, the Strands that strand-workers read/manipulate are like you took a page full of the very lightest pencil lines going everywhere and then added just a few bright marker lines: strong connections between people or between a person and an animal/plant/thing.  

For instance: I have a very strong connection with my husband, a rather strong connection with my cats, and rather strong connections with my grandparent’s house/farm. Compared to my connection to the guy sitting across from me on the bus, the cat I saw at the winery the other week, the apartment we lived in for a couple months when I was 20, those connections are going to be thick and easy to pick out. 

Sometimes, you end up with “Weird” connections:

People who met for three minutes at a bus stop who form a Strand so thick it pulls them back together, so that they reinforce that strand, so that it pulls them together again. 

A place that takes on so much of its own character that it holds on to connections; not only do people remember it for a long time, but it remembers them, and so the strands are no longer dependent on living memory. 

A moment in time will, on very rare occasion, create connections, which form a line between all of the people experiencing that moment and anchor people to that moment.  In some cases, it makes time warp strangely around it, such that even thinking about it for too long can create wrinkles much later on. 

Sometimes you end up with places, or animals, or plants that somehow not just form strands — since everyone and everything can do that to some degree — but manipulate them. 

There’s a tree in the middle of a forest that likes to loosen some bonds and form others, and you never know until you climb up into its branches which might happen. 

There’s a cat who wanders the suburban evenings tangling strands up, leaving a wake of small chaos behind her and caring about as much as she’d care about a ball of yarn. 

And there are events which are so tangled up from their very creation that just moving towards them — Burning Man, but only sometimes, for instance; certain marches on certain places; certain prayer circles and certain parties — changes the person moving, for better or for worse. 

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

Today I am Feeling uncreative

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

Today, I am feeling uncreative, and so I beg your aid in a story I am writing for the Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call.

I point your attention, if I may, to the world of Things Unspoken.

Cities/places already in existence include

Scheffenon, the Scheif Harbor, high on the Northern Sea (where there are Cornesc-speaking people)
(Scheffenon isnot a Cornesc word, but one from the people who had been here before)

Orschëst, down by the southern border

Corthwin (where the Ash remains unburnt)

the western cities, the ones that had once belonged to an Empire called only To (never the To Empire, the Tovan nation, or anything else, just To)

Here is a very draft map –

So!  I need another city.  There’s sort of obviously not one language to this Empire, so it doesn’t have to sound like those above, but should sound… “exotic?”  Well, not Springfield or Washington, let’s go with that.

(Most of my named people have Eastern-European-inspired names, just as a note)


(If I get more than one, i’ll clearly just have to write another story)

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call – Posted so Far!

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call is going strong – although I still want your prompts, tips, and/or Patronage!

Stories I’ve posted so far (and all free for everyone to read):


To the Quiet PlacesThe point, as far as Sheetal had been aware, was to get away from everything and everyone. (Stranded World)


I’m Begging of You, Jolene – On Wednesdays they were friends.

Rebuilding the World

Tinkeringthere was a strange growth in the back of the Terrarium.


Things a Tree KnowsThere were things Quercus knew that didn’t really matter(Fae Apoc)
Walking Away “Something’s wrong with the garden. Did you—?” 


Studied by the Cat GirlsThe ads were obviously too good to be true.


Lord Eigeran, a wiki page. (Bear Empire)


A Dream Fic – The Russian’s MotivesThey were waiting, there wasn’t a better word for it.  


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A Dream Fic – The Russian’s Motives

Today’s Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call tale was prompted by my subconcious, i.e., it’s a dream written down.  Cheers!

Content warning for: slavery, suggested violence, some actual violence and abuse, a good deal of objectification of at least one character. 

swear I posted this the other day, but it’s still in my drafts. Soooo again, apologies if this is a duplicate.

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

They were waiting, there wasn’t a better word for it.  They were quiet, idle, sitting around the lounge.  Except that he wasn’t sitting with the rest of them – neither he nor a couple of those who sympathized more with him, with what he was, had been, would be, than they did with the situation they found him in. Continue reading

Na-na-na-na na-BAT BAT

Warning: the below contains frank discussion of cats being tiny predators, and also sometimes dumbasses.

Also, while I cannot find this in my posted blogs, I wrote this in mid-July of this year, so if you have read it before, a), I apologize, and b), please let me know.

Na-na-na-na na-na-na-na na-na-na-na na-na-na-na…


Continue reading

Hidden Mall 90: A GOOD THING

They had dinner; they slept.  The mall didn’t have enough beds in the relaxation center for all of them, but it did have a Bedding and More store, and they laid out row after row of blankets and comforters and pillows and sleeping bags until the whole hallway was a giant featherbed.  They showered and they changed and, when they were done, they looked more like a group of themselves than they had since Abseil and Liv had first stepped into the mall. 

And then, after cleaning up all that mess and having breakfast, Abseil asked the mall: “Will you tell us how to get home?”

There was silence, all of them holding their breaths.  And then, finally: “THE ANSWER IS IN THE DOORWAY WHICH HAS NO STORE TO THE LEFT OF IT.  FROM THERE, YOU MAY FIND YOUR WAY HOME.” Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 21 – Dad Issues

First: Purchased: Negotiation
Previous: Pizza


“You know, I have to admit—” Sylviane held up a hand. “Okay, technically, I don’t have to admit, but I’m going to, I like this so far. I like you. I mean, I still think my dad’s being overbearing, pushy, and a little bit uh, weird, but I think that’s kind of what I get for still living at home and, well, for having him as my dad.”

“Why do you? Still live at home, I mean?”

“He bribed me.” She smiled more at the pizza in her hand than at Leander. “He wants me to stick around both ‘cause he seems to be under this weird mistaken impression that I’m somehow going to get myself into a lot of trouble out on my own, and ‘cause he wants me to learn the family business, which is kind of weird, ‘cause it’s not like he’s going to retire any time soon.” She took a large bite of the pizza and considered Leander while she chewed, which was one of the weirder ways he’d been regarded even lately. He remembered that he, too, could eat and did so, too. This place really did have the best pizza.

“So,” she continued, after a sip of her soda, “he’s paying for college, paying for my wardrobe, and paying for three trips a year wherever I want — as long as I avoid a certain list of ‘danger spots’. And a spending allowance. I mean, I could get a job.  I’m not without skills or contacts.  I could do the whole bootstrapping thing – I’m – well,” she gestured at herself as if it explained everything.

Pretty girl, most people would read, and she was, to be far, quite pretty. 

Fae, Leander read. 

“Rich,” he filled in instead. 

She snorted. “That, too.  Yeah. So I could make it on my own, but – well, honestly, it’s kind of nice having him looking out for me, and he doesn’t get all creepy when I bring someone home.  Well, normally.”

“There’s probably a story there, isn’t there?”

“Oh, two or three stories,” she agreed.  “But the long and short of it is – Dad is good at people.  He can tell if someone’s a creep from like, five miles away.  Well, okay, probably a mile, normally. So he’s chased off a couple people that turned out to be, well, uh.  Not really interested in me, or not in a way that was good for me.  After a couple, well -” She looked Leander in the eye.  “I trust you a lot more than I would if anyone but Dad had… introduced us.  And Dad does, too.”

Leander cleared his throat and looked down at his plate.  He’d gone through too much food. His poor stomach already felt bloated and over-full.  “I- uh. I’m not going to say your dad’s not always right or anything, but-“

“But you don’t think you’re trustworthy.”  She cupped a hand over one of his. “That’s okay.  You don’t have to. If nothing else, we can both trust Dad’s judgement – as long as I remind him to not be an idiot.”

Leander snorted at that. “That does not sound like very trustworthy judgement.”

“Yeah, well.  Nobody said he was good at figuring out interpersonal relationships.  If he was, he wouldn’t have mostly raised me alone.” She shrugged a bit.  “I mean, I can’t really throw stones; there’s a reason the spot of ‘boyfriend’ was open.”

“The last guy was too much of a creep to ever deserve you?” he offered in a moment of gallantry.

She snorted.  “A couple were.  The last one, I just, uh, didn’t juggle, family, the, you know, Other Family, and the boyfriend stuff very well, and I had a habit of either giving in to everything he wanted or pushing for everything I wanted.”

Anyone eavesdropping really was going to think they were mob-related. Leander hoped Mr. MacDiarmad wasn’t under investigation by the FBI, or this could get awkward fast. 

“Well, in my case,” he winked at her, “you can push for everything you want without problem.”

“Except one hour a day,” she reminded him.  He’d more than half been assuming she’d forget about that quickly, so he was left scrambling for a reply.

“Well, that’s not enough time to drag you to the aquarium,” he countered.  “Or even get through the waiting lines at the airport.”

“Private jet.  I mean, it would take half an hour to get to the airport, but once we were there, you could probably have us in the air before your hour was up.”

“If your father is that rich – I mean, it’s a nice house, don’t get me wrong, but-“

“You can hide a jet.  Anything bigger and fancier alienates people dad doesn’t want to alienate.  And also alienates people I don’t want to alienate.  Like classmates.”

“Is there anything you and your father haven’t thought through?”

“You.”  She squeezed the hand she still hadn’t released. “And I’m not entirely certain he didn’t think you through, too.”


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