Navigating my Writing

I believe it is safe to say I have a lot of writing.

In length, it goes from microfiction (50-500 words) to novel-series (200,000+ words).

In genre, it ranges from fantasy to scifi to horror, magical realism to cyberpunk to romance.

In tone, it ranges from fluffy to dark to creepy.

In availability, it ranges from “here on the blog” to “printed in a book” to “hopefully printed someday in a book.”

Here, it is described as:

Serials and Long-form Stories – a list of all of these (Connected stories of more than 5000 words/5 posts) both on their own web pages and available somewhere else

Settings – I have a lot of these!  Each should have its own landing page with a long-form description, as well as a short description and setting-wide content warnings on this Settings Page.

Publications – My published work in anthologies

Other Sites – other places on the internet you can find my writing!

Giraffe Calls and other Prompt Calls – While I don’t do these nearly as regularly as I did back in a decade ago, I do still occasionally do prompt calls. I love prompts and I love comments.  See the index of previous calls on this page.

Monthly Theme Polls – Almost every month, I post a poll to choose my Patreon theme.  Many of the options on these polls come from you, the readers – I include questions on what I should offer as options for the next three months in each poll.

Anyone can vote in these, anyone.  They will affect what free posts I offer on my Patreon (and sometimes also on my Ko-Fi and other sites) as well as the patron-locked posts (stories, maps, recipes, and other meta). If a topic or a setting sounds interesting, vote for it!  The more votes, frankly, the better.

Policies on my Writing – My policies for fanfiction (both written about my work and things I will write), for comments, and for wanting more on a story are available here.

Thimbleful Thursday – A writing prompt site, posting on Thursdays and occasional Tuesdays – offers an idiomatic writing prompt with an optional wordcount target.  Sometimes I write to my own prompts; those can be found under the tag “prompt: Thimbleful.”

Speaking of: I attempt to tag my posts by, if available, the prompting reader or site.  Sites are listed by prompt: [Site], e.g., prompt: DailyPrompt.  Prompts from individual people are listed by prompter: [person], e.g. prompter: rix.

Current Projects – This is a listing, probably updated every few months, which lists everything currently on my writing/projects list.  It’s good for requesting I work on something a specific day (I often ask for this on social media: “What should I write next? Here’s a list.”) or for getting a feel for where my head is currently.