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So I’ve learned a bunch of stuff about hospitals in my time in…. now three of them, three departments of one.

This is going to be a lighter touch on some things.

* you can really tell how understaffed a department is even before you get to the call button answer time.

* losing your call button when you can’t stand up is terrifying

* brushing your teeth becomes an act of personal autonomy and suddenly very very important

* washing hair? Amazing.  But the ‘dry shampoo- caps that really do almost nothing still feel awesome.  And your standards go from ‘I need my personalized shampoo’ to ‘just pour some water on me please. ‘

*doctors have no sense of urgency

The one below cut is more heavy

Two months unconscious eats your body in  a way I never dreamed possible.

4 thoughts on “Blog post : hospitals

  1. Ooof, yes. Not moving or doing even mundane things every day is just devastating, and being able to take back self-care tasks is a big deal. The after-effects of sedation can also take rather a while to wear off.

    I’m so glad you’re awake and stubbornly working on recovering!

  2. At least in a shared room, if your call button isn’t working, nurses come in for other patients.

    (In my short period of immobilization I was brought back from one of my treatments and the call button was plugged into the phone socket. It does not work when that happens.)

  3. I’ve been in casts twice, and recovering from the muscle atrophy and stiffness involved in that was long, drawn out, and for a while rather painful. I can only imagine what whole-body atrophy etc. will be like.

    Best wishes for a thoroughly boring recovery, and may the painful parts be over soon.

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