Map – A preview

Originally posted on Patreon in March 2019 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.

This is one of my current (as of March 2019) works in progress, a map made in MS Paint.

Complete with compass rose.

And a little bit of ad-hoc nation-building:


In the language Skwu, the native language of a very small ethnic group which now rules the eastern coast, the nation is called Ñouyiweppu /ˌɲɔjɪˈwɛppʊ/  – which means bowl.

Nobody is quite certain why it is called bowl, as the nation is not particularly bowl-shaped, but what they do know is that the Nape /nap-pe/ (meaning something like we are – who rule this nation are enigmatic, complicated, and very often irritated by linear thinking.

(why several of their borders are straight lines* is likely because they must share those borders with other people, and because those neighbors have found that very clear lines are needed to fend off the Nape.

(language seed from –  Seed for this language: 2289758632760337 )

* to be shown in the political map upcoming


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Map – Another Preview

Originally posted on Patreon in March 2019 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.

A little more about one of my current WIP maps – the one made in MS Paint.

We get to find out about three different nations in this little piece of worldbuilding!

A conlanging generated at because this is not a conlang project 🙂


The northwestern corner of our map is – more or less – occupied by the nation of Shehix /ʃeˈhix/  – a word which in the language of the Shex people means Veranda.  At least, that is the most common meaning suggested, although it sounds very similar to a word which means taunting or We got ours.

In this map sector, we can see several things:

First, the border with Ūptī /ˈuːptiː/ – this border follows the Upti river and is one of the least-contested in the land.

Secondly, the Ūptīian Quarter, a rectangular section of Shehix which was ceded to Upti after the Skirmish Mess of 792.  It is said by the Ūptīian to mark the furthest spot they conquered in that Mess and by the Shex to be simply the furthest place an Ūptīian flag could have been found at that time.

Thirdly, we have the Farm Loss – a small circle of territory belonging to Klueyiskũ /kluˈejisku:/.

The Farm Loss was not the result of a war; instead it was a gift to the Klueyiskũi people after they proved instrumental in saving the Shex people from a particularly bad disaster when the Demon Winds came down from the northern water, destroying several towns and cities and wrecking the crops of 503 and, subsequently, 505 and 506.

The Klueyiskũi people were more than generous in that  crisis, and while the Shex paid back the loans of food and material over the next two centuries, the Farm Loss grant remains.

Seed for this language: 6072100918809586  – Shex
Seed for this language: 6863082975061514 – Upti
Seed for this language: 19840300364268204 – Shéltró, the language of the Klueyiskũi


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