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I haven’t done this in a while (ahem. Since September.) But if you’re only reading me  here, you’re missing things!

Or at least some things. 

On Ko-Fi, free for anyone to read (From the November Prompt Call)

A Light in the Dark – Advent
The Real World – Stand and Deliver…
The Two Kings – “There isn’t meant to be a thief king!”
D.F. Claudine Davenport & other authors – “…you listed your cat as a co-author…”
Atsidasauron Minimus – ship’s… creatures.
Nitpick – be careful about your trolling…  (Tir na Cali)
Boys & Girls  – a sequel to Boy Modification, on Patreon below.
Walking Away – something’s… Wrong with the Garden.

Stitched In (September, Aunt Family)

On Patreon – those that are free are marked with a * (only the last 21 posts; check out Patreon for the rest~)

Deep Discovery *— Follows A Discovery in Depth, a story of Reiassan about the things you can find buried when you’re just looking for silver.
The Wilds of Notebook *— Sometimes the best idea is to take a little leap.
Caturday! Untitled Cat Game *— Stranded World, a tiny story of kitties.
Ru(i)ne(d), Grim(oire)End(ur)ing*– Stories of Potions & the Apocalypse.
Stewart Drive & Other Lessons *– A bonus story; things you need to learn about college you don’t learn in school
Sunshine Magic *– A fantasy story, another bonus, pretty much what it says on the tin. 😉
Read Another Story – Aunt Family, a Finish It to Heroes, Tell me a Story, etc.
Deck the Halls, a story of Science! 
O Christmas Tree *Set in Fairy Town in Crossroads Park.
Creep – a story of Aunt Family
Where There’s Smoke, there’s… Friends? *– Aunt Family, Beryl & New People
After-Action Report: First Mission with the Ψ Unit – Tir na Cali, their “X-Files” type unit.

A Map of Sorts of Spoils of War
Recipe Blog – Delicious Leavings (& Vegan Caramel)
Recipe Blog: Cooking on a Wood Stove
Fun Facts about Stranded World *
A Conlang Word: Tea (updated, annotated) *

The Expectant Wood 
Nimbus’ Journey Continues!
Chapter 48: Run
Chapter 49: Frivolous 

On Archive of Our Own – free to read and ongoing. (all Harry Potter ‘verse)
Exchange Students – Harry is going to Addergoole. Porter is coming to Hogwarts. Nothing could possibly go wrong!
Reconstruction – The war is over, and yet Harry, Hermione, and Ron, Neville, Luna, and Ginny find they have another war on their hands. What’s more, Harry appears to have an enslaved Draco on his hands.
Inherited – Severus was dying, and he was dying free.  Then everything went wrong. 
A Solution, of Sorts – my take on the Wedding Law & Harem tropes.


Looking at my posting calendar…

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Well, I seem to have burned out on Spoils of War again so I guess I gotta figure out if I’m going to post something else in its place.

Right now I’m posting Purchase Negotiation (Fae Apoc (Fdomme, just pre-apoc)), Saving the Cult (urban fantasy heavily inspired by some of the Marvel shows out last year), and The Bellamy, an English Manor Hellmouth/Library/Archive.

I’ve also got… The Ambassador from the Mists (Fantasy politics), Upstairs/Downstairs (Slave dramas belowstairs), and

Aunt Family Journal Tales (the concept here is a series of stories based on the journals and on Beryl/Eva finding them, but I have no plot yet)  currently in progress, along with The Rubble (Fae Apoc, long post-apoc), the Wilds of Notebook (portal ???), and the possibility of restarting Kael’s tower from an earlier point, which is slightly daunting.

Feedback is welcome with the note that what I feel like I can enjoy writing will probably be the deciding vote – although on that note, good comments make me enjoy writing something more. 

Patreon this Month: Finish It

My friends!

The theme this month for my Patreon is “Finish It!”

Which means, if you have wanted me to finish something, if you want me to write more about things, if you think I have too many cliffhangers, if you’ve been thinking about sending me a couple bucks in my tip jar,

now is a great month to join my Patreon at the $5 (prompt-me, “To-Do List”) level.

Yes, even if you only want to join for a month.  I won’t tell anyone 😉 That’s still $5 (less fees) for me!

Bonus:  If you join and prompt, I will write to one of your prompts, even if I’ve already written the 4 stories for that month.

Yes, it’s a loophole to get me to write even more finishes (or semi-finishes, let’s be honest).  But to do that – you gotta Patronize (the capital P is important in this case; if you lower-case patronize me I don’t write nothing) me and you have to prompt (on the “Prompt Call” post, please).

Check it out:



Livewriting Recap and More

Happy New Year!

Yesterday, I spent from about 8 to about 10 writing, adding in a little more after that and wrapping up just in time to kiss my husband, feed the cats, and go to sleep in 2020.

I wrote a total of 14,026 words yesterday.  Not only did I beat my 2018 Livewriting total (10,000) (in 2017: 7519), I blew it out of the water.

I’m pretty happy with that! I got prompts from new prompters, which makes me even happier (I love getting prompts from my constant people and I love getting prompts from new people, too), prompts from some long-term readers and Patrons, and may have started a new serial.

All in all, in 2019 I wrote 810,016 words, 8% more than in 2018. I finished (yes, some debate on one of those) three blog serials and Edally and… I’m not sure if I started any new settings!

In 2020, I want to focus on the following, in re. writing:

  • Submit at least 1 story every 2 months
  • Get caught up and stay caught up with Patreon (this is mostly non-writing; i.e., maps and chapbooks, right now)
  • Find one more way to promote my writing and keep up with it at least monthly (suggestions?)
  • Clean up and self-pub one novel, pref. 2
  • Finish 1 novel (pref 2), edit, submit for publication
  • Work on improving my Weak Spots of Writing
  • Fun Goal: Beat 2019’s monthly, weekly, daily, and yearly wordcounts.
  • I want to say “get more Patrons” but that’s not in my hands. I can write and talk about my writing and promote it but I can’t manufacture Patrons.

I will try to keep something similar to my recent publishing schedule: stories on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and/or Saturday, one-shots or blog posts slipping in on Tues and/or Thursday.

I have several new series or mini-series either in the works or in consideration right now, so there may be a few weird weeks while I get caught up.

But all in all, I think it will be a good year!

Cheers, and thanks for all your reading and comments in 2019!

Since I like playing on 4thewords, this little bug monster says I need to add a little bit more to this blog post. 

Webpage goals for 2020 include:

  • *find an effective plug-in which lets me:
    •  Automagically crosspost to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and maybe Mastodon
    • Automagically crosspost to Dreamwidth and NOT continue to re-crosspost every time I change anything in the post.
  • Finish my Settings Page and my Fae Apoc landing page
  • Start a New Readers Page of some sort which suggests places for, well, new readers to begin
  • Complete the Great Patreon Crossposting and the Tag and Category Clean-up


Livewriting Tomorrow Tuesday 12/31/2019


Google doc here –

Twitch channel I’m still figuring out but it’s here –

Theme for prompts is

Beginnings and Endings; a way forward and a path back around.

And my goal is 12,000 words.

See you tomorrow!

Livewriting Day


When should I do a livewriting day this year?

(A day where I write most of the day (with breaks) in a GoogleDoc or maybe in Twitch too??, at least in part to your prompts)

Options include:

Thursday 12/26

(less ideal) Sunday 12/29

Monday 12/30

Tuesday 12/31

If you don’t think you’ll prompt or stop in (to the Docs window or if there’s a Twitch feed or if you have some other interesting suggestion for how to write in my cave for all y’all to read it while I write), no real need to chime in, TBH, but the more people who prompt/stop in, the happier I’ll be. 😀