Impromptu Prompt Call

Hello!  Yesterday, in a bid to finish a time-limited quest in 4TheWords1, I asked for prompts on Mastodon2 and Twitter.

And then I posted the first bunch of stories on Ko-Fi as I wrote them.

These are those stories. (Dun-dunn3).

A Light in the Dark – The nights were long and dark and the days were cold and grey.

The Real World – “Stand and Present arms!”

The Two Kings – “There isn’t meant to be a thief king!”

D.F. Claudine Davenport & other authors – “I do have one question.  The fact that you credited your cat as a co-author.  Is this a nod to F. D. C. Willard?  If not-”

Atsidasauron Minimus – Every ship that went into space, every one since the first to leave the solar system, the Virginia of Sagadahoc, had one thing in common: they all carried at least two cats.


  1. – a writing game where writing words fights monsters – my referral code is ZUZXW97294 – your first month is free & if you use my code, both you & I get goodies & I can send you more!
  2.; – Mastodon is a twitter-like social media site with no ads.
  3. (law and order sound)
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The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call – Posted so Far!

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call is going strong – although I still want your prompts, tips, and/or Patronage!

Stories I’ve posted so far (and all free for everyone to read):


To the Quiet PlacesThe point, as far as Sheetal had been aware, was to get away from everything and everyone. (Stranded World)


I’m Begging of You, Jolene – On Wednesdays they were friends.

Rebuilding the World

Tinkeringthere was a strange growth in the back of the Terrarium.


Things a Tree KnowsThere were things Quercus knew that didn’t really matter(Fae Apoc)
Walking Away “Something’s wrong with the garden. Did you—?” 


Studied by the Cat GirlsThe ads were obviously too good to be true.


Lord Eigeran, a wiki page. (Bear Empire)


A Dream Fic – The Russian’s MotivesThey were waiting, there wasn’t a better word for it.  


I need more prompts!

(Otherwise it’s all going to be the same
5 people all month prompting 😉

Join my Patreon/tip me and
Leave me a Prompt!



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Hey folks, folks~

I finished writing Hidden Mall!!!

58,500 words (Exactly, how weird), 97 chapters – gotta finish SCHEDULING it, of course, but it’s DONE WRITING.


The first draft.  The one I posted. 

And then

Then I can start working on cleaning it up to sell as an ebook!

But do you know what this means?  

(other than those things above)

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The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

Teal Deer: If you’re a Patreon Patron, or if you leave a tip from now— Nov. 29th via Ko-Fi or Paypal, leave me a prompt on any one of the last 12 months’ Patreon themes (or Nov 19’s theme) and I will write you words.

The Great NanoWrimo Prompt Call

Hello gentlefolk!

For NanoWrimo this year (yep, it’s coming up that quickly!), I am going to let you — specifically my Patrons and tippers — tell me what to write. Continue reading

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Patreon Theme Poll

I can’t make the embed feature work right now, so I’m afraid you’re going to have to click a link. /Woe/

… Or it could do that. Hunh.


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What Next?


You may have noticed that I have come to the end of Haunted House!

This leaves me with a slot for posting things and being uncertain what to work on next.

So I thought I’d ask you guys!

Options include:

  • Leave the slot open and work on getting Haunted House edited and ready for publication
  • Leave the slot open for rotating prompt calls of short stories
  • Pick up one of the following:
    • Beauty-Beast
    • Purchase Negotiation
    • BeeKeeper
    • Post-Scar City
    • Post-Scarcity Mystery
    • Catboys in Cages
  • Pick up something else (your suggestion)
    • Portal Closed has been suggested & seconded
    • Desmond’s Climb has been suggested & seconded
    • Bee-pocalypse has been suggested
    • Science! (the Chickens) has been suggested
    • Fairy Town: Whitney & the Crossroads Park, or Katydid’s series
    • Space Accountant
  • Start a new serial (your suggestion)
    • Dragons next Door
    • Aunt Family
    • Things Unspoken

Note: I have Kael’s Tower earmarked to work on when I finish Hidden Mall, and Funerary Rites was giving me a lot of trouble the last time I tried to work on it, thus why they’re not on the list.


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Read Me Elsewhere

Hello! If you’re only reading me  here, you’re missing things!

Or at least some things. 

On Ko-Fi, free for anyone to read:

City Meeting – The Tinies are going to a meeting….
Lost & Found – In the city of Dragons next Door, the Tinies often find the lost. 
Ferry – If you arrived at the Landing, a ferry would be waiting. 
Checkpoint – Abby & Liv(s) weren’t the only ones trapped in the Mall

On Patreon – those that are free are marked with a * – This month is up for grabs
Last month was Holidays and Lazy days; July was Arts & Crafts. 
Duck, Duck, Mall* Photos from my weekend
Postcards  –  Photos! Of my postcard collection
Going Somewhere….? “This year,” Gilda declared, “We’re going somewhere.”
A Much-Needed Break – “You,” Mike declared, “are taking a vacation.  All three of us are.” – Addergoole
Bomb* – The “Gardener” series – the statue to Damkina’s husband was now wearing a kilt.
CurriculumAddergoole, Year 10: “I hate this place.”
Electives – Every member of Bellamy’s family took at least one extra Art Class and one extra shop class.

Snacks – If I  had thought Girl Scouts was difficult, I  had not remotely been prepared for summer camp. 

On Archive of Our Own – free to read and ongoing. (all Harry Potter ‘verse)
Exchange Students – Harry is going to Addergoole. Porter is coming to Hogwarts. Nothing could possibly go wrong!
Reconstruction – The war is over, and yet Harry, Hermione, and Ron, Neville, Luna, and Ginny find they have another war on their hands. What’s more, Harry appears to have an enslaved Draco on his hands.
New on AO3:
Inherited – Severus was dying, and he was dying free.  Then everything went wrong. 
A Solution, of Sorts – my take on the Wedding Law & Harem tropes.

On Mastodon – free to read and fun to join; super short fics
Silver Rain – on Podka, it was said to rain silver.
Orange Sunset Parlay – The Imperial Captain wants to talk to Yonpler. 
Rooftop – Jasper and the House converse. (Haunted House)

On Sufficient Velocity – an interactive Fae Apoc Quest
Rhiannon was not expecting any of this.  But now she’s got to figure out what to do while a bunch of jerks keep attacking her city. 
This has continued on quite entertainingly!  Stop in and vote in the quest.

And while I’m having trouble keeping it updated: 

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Seeking Help: The Fae Apoc landing page

You might have noticed that I’ve been working on the Fae Apoc Landing Page, and you may have noticed it’s a bit of a bear.

It occurred to me that I could actually have some help with this!

The biggest part of doing the landing page is:

  1. identifying series stories or groups that are in a lump together (generally at least 3 stories)
  2. Determining if they have a unique tag or category
  3. If not, adding a tag

How you could help

Steps one and two require no access to the backend!  If you post here with stories that need that –


No tag in common.

(Short titles are fine, but I just copy/pasted this from the landing page)

(Either in the main The Stories header or within the Addergoole header)

(Bonus: Doing this made me realize that one story had failed to crosspost!  So if you notice that, say, Deep Shit refers to “Up Shit Creek” and you can’t find that – mention that please.  It might just not be in the Fae Apoc category, or it might fall in that 4-month period where things didn’t quite crosspost right.  Find one of those and I’ll add 3 minutes to the reward below.)

What you get

for every two sets found for me , I will write 15 minutes (or 6 minutes for one set) and post on any story or prompt (within my normal limits, i.e., if it squicks me I don’t do it) you request!






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