Long-Form Stories

This page is a work in progress.

All currently posting stories as of 9/12/2020 are listed, as well as all “recently” (last year or so) completed stories. 


The Bellamy

Urban fantasy/horror

The Bellamy Manor Archival Library and Museum is one of the foremost in the nation, nay, in the world.  Its collections host an amazing depth and breadth of information, of historical artifacts, of documentation of life in thousands of different sorts.  Veronika Bellamy (possibly no relation, possibly some) has been working for years to get to the Bellamy, and now she has her chance.  If she can make it through her first day, she’ll be set in her dream job.

Content Warnings: Discussion of death, mention of dead bodies, missing people.

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Malina and the Border Banners


There were too many people at the party, so Malina went for a walk.  Sadly- or fatefully – the party was on the edge of the desert, where Malina Serafina Anastazja Dominika Naveed Jeleń nic Cecília O Alexandre, daughter of the King and Queen, promptly got herself lost. 

In the desert, she found a line of border banners where there wasn’t supposed to be a border.  She found a lot of cactus.  And then a sand cat and a mustang found her. 

The world – the worlds – are bigger than Malina had ever expected, and the sand cat is going to (more or less) explain it to her.

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Purchase Negotiation/Keep Her Safe

urban fantasy/romance

Leander has living as a slave for longer than he wants to think about; he’s ended up in a far-too-posh sort of downtown black market slave market when Mr. MacDiarmad finds him. 

He’s not expecting anything more than just a different face on slavery.  What he gets – well, he’s still not sure. But he’s working as a bodyguard for Mr. MacDiarmad’s daughter, and this is turning out to be an interesting experience all around.

Content Warnings: slavery, discussion of abusive slavery in the past, magically-forced obedience

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Saving the Cult (If not the World)

Urban Fantasy

This summer vacation that Lina’s parents have dragged her on is a bit strange and just keeps getting stranger.  For one, it’s at a hilltop campground full of rich people, and they all seem to know Lina’s parents. For another, there are people wearing robes – and not bathrobes, either. Fancy secret-society roles. For a third, Lina’s mother seems to have pulled a whole house out of a suitcase.
This is not helping with Lina’s current problem: that is, how come she’s generating force fields from her fingertips, and who can she ask about this?
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Addergoole: The Original Series was the serial that started it all.  They think they’re going to a boarding school; they didn’t know it’s a whole different world underground…

Addergoole: Year 9 follows another year of students – 52 weeks, 52 chapters.  The world goes deeper and deeper… (complete)

Addergoole: Ghost Story, written with Cal: Come back to Addergoole for another year – or if you’re new, start school with Abednego, Cynara, Arnbjörg, and Leofric.

They all have their own reasons for wanting to come to Addergoole – but it’s going to surprise them in so many ways. (complete)

The Hidden Mall 

urban fantasy with horror elements
Abby and Viv just wanted to get away from a bully.  They slipped through an access door into the back passageways of the mall – and discovered it went further back than they could have ever imagined.  It’s going to be a long shopping trip. 
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Edally Academy

A steampunk boarding school!  All Tairiekie wants is to be better at school than her parents were.  Will the Academy cooperate? Enrie wants to be something more than just a royal; Saydrie wants to be something more than just a Bitrani.  And of course, they have to survive school. (Three books, completed)

Running in the Bear Empire

Deline is on the run from bounty hunters from a very annoyed Dekleg.  When she captures one of them, Carrone, he ends up joining her flight across the arctic Bear Empire. There’s still more bounty hunters on their tail, and even worse following them.  And, along the way, Deline and Carrone have to get used to each other, to their cultural differences, and to the position Carrone is now in.
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Haunted House

Fae Apoc setting, apocalyptic fantasy/romance
When the strange man buys Mélanie from the slavemonger, she’s expecting him to be just like her former owners – at best, she’s hoping he might be a bit kinder.  Maybe give her a little more freedom.
She’s not expecting him to be generous and friendly, to treat her like a person – she’s also not expecting him to be a thief.
She was certainly not expecting his house to have such a personality!
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On Hiatus

Beauty Beast

Fae Apoc setting, d/S hurt-comfort M/m romance/mystery

Ctirad has been sold.  He has no idea what to expect, but after the disappointment of his previous owner, he is eager to serve in any way he can.  His new owner is not only a very rich man, he’s also a well-known fae.  And he has a bone – or several – to pick with Ctirad’s previous owner.

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Fae Apoc setting, d/S hurt-comfort F/m Stockholm romance

Set in the years just past the apocalypse. 
Amrit was not all that good with rules, with society, with settlements. 

Mieve wasn’t that good with trusting, with people at all.  But she wasn’t set up to live all alone… so she did what she had to.

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Desmond’s Climb


Every year, twenty-eight people in Desmond’s city wake up wearing a collar.  Nobody knows what happens to them next.
But when Desmond wakes up with a collar on, his life changes immediately.  When the collar starts talking to him, he learns even more. 

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Funerary Rites

Fae Apoc setting, murder mystery action adventure, F/m romance.
The funeral is surprising because nobody ever expected Mirabella to actually die.  It’s also surprising because nobody expected the woman to force her pet assassin into Belonging to her very young (by fae standards) great-niece Senga.
Of course, the other heirs have complaints about just about everything Senga has been left.  And that’s just the beginning of their troubles.

Begins here.

Inner Circle, a webserial (on hiatus) set in a far-post-apoc magical world: Getting to the Inner Circle can take a lifetime – or cost you your life.

MARKED is a serial currently on hiatus, written with my friend Cal. Follow along with the story of Nilien, a Wild Rune in an era where most Runes are created in the safety of the Academy.

And more than just follow: participate!

Side Quest (on Hiatus) – All she wants to do is get to the capital to pay her family’s taxes.  But everywhere she stops, there’s one more thing to do…