These policies hold true for this blog, my Patreon, and any other place I publicly post fiction.

Commenting Policy

I love comments.  I really love comments.  Comments are why I post things for free online here.

I do want to know if something in a piece confused you or didn’t sound right – I do want to know if I missed a content warning or if I seriously hit a representation wrong.  I want to be told – politely.

That being said, I strongly prefer you lead with something positive.  I really like knowing what worked for you in a story.

If you’d like more of a story, feel free to tell me, but, as with the above, I prefer it to come with other comments.

Concrete rules:

    • No technical nitpicks without a story comment first, please.
    • Don’t insult or attack me on my own sites.
    • If I find a comment obnoxious, offensive, or detrimental to the reading experience of other visitors to my blog, I will delete it.

Want More Policy 

I can often be commissioned to write more fiction.

There are several caveats to this which boil down to “ask first.”  There are some things I’ve written I just don’t want to write more of.  There are some pairings and some things I just won’t write.

I make no guarantees as to the length of time it will take me to finish a commission, unless it is directly part of a prompt call which has extensions as part of the rewards, but I will attempt to make commissions a priority.

Full commission information can be found on the commissions page (updated page coming soon), but my rate is $0.02/word.

Prompting Policy

When I ask for Prompts:

I will make an honest attempt to write to at least one prompt from each person.

I may merge prompts from one or several people.

If none of your prompts call to me in any way, I may ask for another prompt or I may skip your prompts.

If your prompts do not stick to the theme of the prompt, I may ask for another prompt or I may skip your prompts.

On the Style of Prompts:

Prompts do not need to be part of an extant universe; they also do not need to be apart from any universe.

I do not take prompts on fanfiction (other people’s universes) unless I’m specifically asking for that or if it’s your universe and you know that I am conversant with it.

My preference in prompt style: prompts of a few words, maybe a sentence, about character or scene, but probably not both.

Some examples:

    • *Someone’s* perfect, secret fishing spot (Rix Scaedu, for Fishing)
    • Fairy Town: a new place in the park (more or less) (Kelkyag, for Travel and Trips)
    • A man who surrenders to captivity under false pretenses, claiming to be someone he isn’t? (Corvi, for Dungeons and Caves)

Fanfiction Policy

You are welcome to write fanfiction or create fanart of any of my universes, as long as you do the following:

    • Do not ask or accept money for any works created in my worlds(*).
    • Post a link back to my web page, the landing page for the setting, or (in the case of the serials) the webpage of the serial (Edally, Addergoole).
    • If on AO3: tag the setting. Addergoole already has its own tag, huzzah.

In addition, I would appreciate but do not require:

    • Send me a link to your fanwork.

I am available to discuss setting details in any setting as time allows.

Fanfiction is not considered canon in my worlds except in immensely rare situations by arrangement between myself and the creator of said fic.

(*) The exception to this would be situations in which I directly commission a piece and pay for it.