Landing Page: Tír na Cali

“Redheaded magic ladies who kidnap sex slaves and also there are catgirls.”
– inventrix

Slavery, abduction, and magic, high fantasy and erotica, all in an alternate-history version of the American West Coast, where Washington State, Oregon, California, and Baja California are all part of a hierarchical, matriarchal monarchy called Tír na Cali. The nation is ruled by a large extended family who call themselves, privately, the Tuatha de Danaan, and who purportedly worship pleasure and sex.

While the two worlds diverged long, long ago – when the Tuatha de Danaan first recognized their own power, centuries past – the most visible split from modern history occurred during the 1800’s, when the West Coast seceded from the United States in the midst of the Civil War, a move set in place almost a century before by the Tuatha.

In this world, the US never lost its puritanical sheen, in direct response to the licentious nature of their enemy to the West, the Californians. And the Californians, who hold power in part due to the royal family’s psychic powers, continue to steal young adults from the US to serve as their slaves.

Stories to start with:
Fish Story(LJ link)
Tea with HER and following stories (see below)
Second Pressing

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Content warning: a great deal of discussion of body modification, including some described. 

So I was talking to regarding their new tongue-split modification.  They said some stuff and I said some stuff and then we were talking about how great the tongue is and, ahem. 

The green-haired person in this story is not meant to be @Root; they are simply a person who had a similar idea. 

Also: Tír na Cali setting, but the only setting warning required is that mentioned above.


“I want my whole body to be a tongue muscle.”

The person in front of Senne had green hair – very green, very well done – three piercings, two tattoos, and an energy like they were going to vibrate out of the room from excitement any moment now. Continue reading

Upstairs/Downstairs, Chapter 1 (a teaser?): Andal

I just have not been writing much since this whole thing blew up, like… maybe 1/4, 1/8 of what I was writing before.  And that was like 2/3 at the most of what I was writing before hand, thanks to an unhealthy February.

All that to say, well, I am running out of buffer on everything, as you may have noticed from the lack of Purchase Negotiation since 3/14.  That’s just all I have written on the poor guy. 

So in the meantime, here’s a bit of something I’ve been working on that hasn’t quite made the 10,000-word buffer to start posting. 

It’s set in Tír na Cali, so the setting warnings for that setting apply: Slavery, institutionalized and accepted. Kidnapping, Stockholm.  In addition, suggestions of abuse. 

Cheers?  Cheers. 

(I don’t remember when I scheduled this but Somehow I put it for 5/2 instead of whatever I meant to put it at – probably 4/2, looking at things.)


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Worldbuilding Wednesday: TIR Talk – Follow-up Questions

Kunama asked:

How did the children of Danu become royalty?

Ah, an interesting question from the left there.  Okay.  The children of Danu are royalty because they declared themselves such.

And that is a documented fact, so I’m not risking myself in any way with this question.

The children of Danu came here – to California, to North America – when hundreds and thousands of other people were immigrating here, and they found a place where they could lay claim.

Their powers weren’t as strong back then as they are now, but “in the land of the blind” and all that.  There’s no indication in historical records of any specifics, but considering what Queen Larissa is known to be able to do, one can extrapolate backwards to what her ancestors may have been able to do, and a woman with the ability to, for instance, read her opponents’ minds or convince them to do what she says, convince them to love her, convince them that she is the proper person for a position or simply blackmail them very effectively.

Again – there is no proof or even written suggestions that the early Queens and Duchesses of Tír na Cali used any of those powers on anyone.  None of the contemporary histories mention anything of the sort – the women of Danu’s children of that era were immensely charismatic, and that is documented and also unsurprising. Many women of the Danu today are also very charismatic.

But they created the nation and, in doing so, they created the hierarchy and the positions and titles which made them royal.  And thus they are royalty.

And that is the story that the history books tell, and that is the story that I’m going to tell up here.

This is a follow-up to two weeks ago’s “TIR Talk” post – feel free to ask more questions on any of the Worldbuilding Wednesday posts! 


Worldbuilding Wednesday: TIR Talk (Fairy Odd Powers)

So @Shutsumon started doing Worldbuilding Wednesday on Mastodon and that got me thinking and so then I started and…

well, here’s last week’s post. I’m going to try to post them a week after I toot (post on Mastodon) them.

Is anyone interested in these? They do not seem to be getting comments. 🎣


The mark of a royal[1] in Cali is generally considered to be threefold, with a fourth not widely acknowledged but no less real. Continue reading


Originally posted on Patreon in October 2019 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.
A story of Tír na Cali and gardening. Warning: this turned out a bit creepy.


“Nobody would ever know we were twins.”

Savannah was strolling through her sister Sierra’s gardens, noting the carefully-pruned topiary and the softly-singing fountains.  It was a beautiful garden, she had to admit.  Everything was exactly in its place.

“Sav, we’re twins.  Nobody would ever doubt that.  They only need to look at us.”  Sierra, as was often the case, huffed at her sister’s melodramatics and ignored (as was also often the case) the fact that they looked quite similar to 9/10 of their relatives and a large handful of slaves.

“But look at -” Savannah gestured around.  “Your garden.  Your yard.  You saw my yard last week.” Continue reading

Beltane, After All

Written to Brian’s  prompt to my Third Rail Prompt Call


There were places that Macha, daughter of Nollaig, of Istvia’s line of the wisdom, would like to be for Beltane.

There were people she would like to spend the holiday with.

There were two in particular she would actively enjoy spending the holiday with and another seven who would be fun, and by the light of the Lady and the will of the Consort, that was where she ought to be.

The holiday was for such things, after all, for rolling in the grass under the Lady’s eyes and no other’s judgement. Continue reading

Not – a story for Patreon

Originally posted on Patreon in August 2018 and part of the Great Patreon Crossposting to WordPress.
I really wanted to write Tír na Cali, okay?⛈️

The slaves in Tír na Cali were not part of the royal bloodline.

Except sometimes they were.

They did not have the psychic powers – “witchcraft” – that the royals did.

Except sometimes they did.

Those with strong powers were not sold outside the family, if they did happen to exist (which they didn’t).

Except sometimes the song of money was stronger than the law of tradition.  Except when something was going on that the family didn’t quite want to admit to.  Except when –

-well, except when Connor.

Connor touched the collar around his neck one more time.  It was not the nice gold-traced silver collar he had been wearing for years.  It was not the smaller, plainer collar he’d worn when he’d started to “get in trouble,” as the Master of Slaves had called it.

It was the cheap plastic of the slave markets, and it meant that it was – and therefore he was – temporary.  He was in a nice cell but it was a cell; he was being sold for a decent sum of money but he was being sold; the people that talked to him were nice, but they wanted to buy him.

Connor did not want to be bought.  Connor was part of the Lady Conroi ni Reline O Istvia household.  He was not some common slave to be sold, to be purchased, to be moved around.  He was –

He reached his fingers up towards the electronic lock and he thought.

He’d been “getting in trouble” for almost a year now.  By now, the movements were easy.

Outside, a massive storm began to rage, blowing up out of nowhere.  The thunder seemed to shake the buildings.

Inside, all of the cages and all of the slaves’ collars opened.  All of the lights went out.  The thunder sounded right overhead.

Connor plucked the collar off of neck and dropped it to the ground.  If he was not going to be part of Lady Conroi’s household, then he was not going to be a slave.

“Come with me,” he told the others, who obeyed because they were deeply in the habit of obeying.  “We’re going to… we’re going to not be sold.”

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