A last post

My name is Cal. I helped Lyn with setting up, organizing and managing this blog, and was a very good friend of hers for a long time.

Lyn has passed away. She wrote about her hospital stay earlier this year; there were further complications, and she died last night.

She was a great friend and I already miss her.

Resources requested

I was trying to come up with a new long form project ans I ended with three.   Last night.


I need some help


Stone buildings

Let’s be honest, the US is a little short in nice stone buildings (skipping like the Hopi Pueblo and the ccc buildings..

So, excluding Only modern media (Reign, GoT), tell me about your favorite Stone buildings from reality,  fantasy,  next door…

I note that I know nothing about non usian history,  but that just  makes me want more.

That photo

Ahem.  I’ll see what I can do about an exemplar, and considering the war…..


…..anyone got any teenagers’ opinions….

The Great January Rebloggening Challenge!

Home Site HouseKeeping

I’ve decided that I’m going to start the Home Site HouseKeeping up again for 2021, because, well, it was helpful.

(See The Great August Rebloggening and other posts on the Home Site HouseKeeping tag for more on this)

Of course, then I spent the first two weeks of January sick, cramped up, or sick.

(yay new year?)

Still, that meant that last week was good for doing some basic maintenance stuff. Continue reading

Further Live-Writing Commences

After looking at the poll, I am going to Live-Write:

  • Saturdays from 1-3 Eastern Time
  • Alternate Thursdays (not the 14th, yes the 21st) from 7:15 – 9:15 Eastern Time.

This covers one of the times available for all 4 people who have voted in the poll.

If you have not voted and think you may show up, please do vote.  Even if your times available are not within my listed times, I will do my best to do at least one session where you can attend.

Live-Writing will continue on the novella, working title “Last Tube to Clarkesville.”

It will be streamed at and the folder on Google Drive is available.


Shit, this story


This could be the framing for an anthology of Autumn/Stranded stories.


Annual New Year’s Eve Prompt Call!


As I have done for several New Year’s Eves, I’m opening up a small prompt call (As this is past midnight now for many of my friends, I’ll keep this open for 24 hours).

The theme for this prompt call is

Signs, Portents, & Harbingers

Prompt away!

All may prompt & I will try to write to at least one prompt for everyone (between Now and Monday, because there’s a slight migraineyness happening…)

Please see my Prompting Policies if you have any questions.

Patreon Hat   

ONE MORE Live-Writing Poll

And the Link

Basically: After Sunday’s Live-Writing Day, I still have a large chunk of this novella to write!

I’d like to do a series of shorter streams – 1 or two hours – over January (And possibly the end of December) to get it finished up.

Tell me when would be best for you to show up, please!

Bilge Rats and Puppets… Chapter One (a Fanfiction)

Okay, so hang on with me for a moment. 

Once Upon a Time is a Disney TV show which places many of the Disney fairy tale characters in a town in our world called Storybrook.

Within that TV show, there is a canonical alternate universe (AU) written by a bad Author in which the good guys are evil and the evil guys are good and Captain Hook is a (Cowardly) deckhand.  Continue reading

The Pencatte Catacombs, a Fediverse CYOA

Pencatte-acombsI am doing a Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure one post/day from now through the end of the story/Halloween/as I feel it!

I am only doing this on the Fediverse – Mastodon, etc. – but it’s easy to get an account.

My suggestions: – If you want an invite code, ask me; I have lots.  This is the instance I’m posting this story from. – an open-registration site that seems pretty friendly.  I have an account there as my backup. 

If you want the lowest-effort account just to take part in this Choose The Adventure, I suggest

I don’t suggest the “flagship”; they’re having issues lately. is very nice; I can get you in touch with their mod.

Ditto – it’s got a lot of really nice people!

I’ve heard good things about

A longer thread on good instances –