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How it Should Have Ended

I needed to write this to write something else, which I haven’t written yet. 

This is a roleplay fiction, written about a character I played back in the early 2000s.  The short version: Jhonny is an Eshu (Changling: The Dreaming) who has very strong connection to her past lives, which also happen to be her ancestors, in her case.  She has a very very long history of being connected with another, we’ll call him Xavier because I can’t remember how to spell his name, a connection which has often led to both of them dying young. 

In the life I was roleplaying, it was an amazingly bad relationship, which is, all things considered, not surprising.

Anyway, in order to write the story I wanted to write, I needed to end her story differently.  So here we go with a How it Should have Ended. 

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OKAY I feel like it’s that sort of day.

Leave me a prompt about the relationship between any two characters I’ve written & I will write you a 100-200 words of a Something about them.

Scheduling Amusement

So I have scheduled the last posts of Hidden Mall and Bear Empire and much to my amusement, the last Hidden Mall will be 12/23 and the last Bear Empire will be 12/27  (this makes me want to write an epilogue-epilogue for Hidden Mall to post on 12/30 to completely end the year with ending these two stories).

I have a miniseries planned to fill Bear Empire’s slot for January and maybe February and I’m working on something that should fill the Hidden Mall slot but we’ll see how the responses are, but this is a good time to got through and find something you want to mark as “more please.”

Or, of course, to donate.  Lyns like commissions.

Cheers and happy holidays!

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A Poll!

After the commentary on “What’s Next?” here and here, I decided a poll was in order.

PLEASE NOTE: while at the moment, all of these options are something I’d like to write, I reserve the option to change my mind once the poll closes.

(Which it will do in one week or if I have a clear and decisive winner I like before that.)



The battle against the Noknuxo had been raging for months.  The space-faring aliens had clearly superior tech – weapons that were huge and completely incomprehensible that made noises that could not be predicted and left swaths of damage in their wake.  Their lasers were precision-targeted and left holes you could throw a baseball through; their bunker-busters were just insane.

They were fighting the Terrans over a system that was smack in between their two most favored colonies and Terra’s first really successful colony system.  They were down to fighting on the best planet itself, which had serious disadvantages – they were destroying land both groups wanted to live on – but on the other hand, a single hit didn’t end up destroying huge numbers due to atmosphere loss, the way that several of their space battles had gone.

The Terrans were losing.  They were demoralized, and it was making everything that much harder.  The Noknuxo tech was just too advanced.  There was no way that they could win against things that their scientists couldn’t begin to understand.

Suddenly, over a loudspeaker, the echoing, chittering voice of a Noknuxo sounded – in Terran. “Cut!”

“What?” The Terran general looked at her aide.  “Was that right?”

“We’re out of special effects budget,” came the Terran explanation in a Noknuxo clack.  While the Terrans had figured out Noknuxo, the aliens had never bothered to talk in English before this.  “We’re going to have to go to doing this the boring way.  We’re dropping our projections now; you can drop yours and save the budget.”

The general stared across the field as, one by one, half of the incomprehensible machines vanished.  The other half suddenly looked much less… impressive.

Carefully, she leaned into the mike and pushed the translation button. “We have no projections,” she called over the field.  “What you see is as we are.”

There was a chitter and chatter from the Noknuxo side.  “Say again?” came the clicking reply.

“We have no projections.  Everything here is exactly as it is.”

Somewhere behind the General, three of her best scientists were staring into viewfinders at the Noknuxo siege devices.  “General, can you capture one of those?”

“Not while they’re calling a truce,” the General replied, careful to be sure her mike was off.

“Better hurry,” her aide commented.  Looking out at the battlefield, the General could see why.

To a being, the Noknuxo were fleeing.  There was no reply, no request for clarification.  They were simply loading up their remaining ships.

The General had been given this position because of her quick-thinking – which could have been seen as either a positive or a negative, because it came with a quickness to speak as well.  She flipped the mike and the translator on.  “Please,” she called, as if the Noknuxo weren’t fleeing, “name the location where you would like to discuss peace terms.”

She wanted to learn more about fighting a war with special effects.

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Prompt Call for New Year’s

I’ve done this before; I’m doing it a bit different this time.

I went to a random word generator

I got






Leave me a prompt using at least one of those words or riffing off of at least one.  Any world, any people, any concept.

In a couple hours, I’ll post another set of words.


Livewriting Day

Good morning!
I am going to attempt to write 10,000 words today, and you are welcome to watch!

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