Expectant Woods Landing Page

The Aereaxerer archipelago hovers high above the Nevilla Forest, wobbling ever so slightly on stems up to a mile high. This unlikely feature is the home of the Expectant Wood serial story, available to Patreon readers.

Best place to start
Chapter One: Trouble at the Stamen
The stories run in chronological order.

The Serial: Expectant Woods
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Nimbus and her family are on an expedition, exploring the Center of Aereaxera, the biggest island in the Aereaxerer archipelago. But something is amiss at the center of their world…!

Chapter One: Trouble at the Stamen
Chapter Two: The Stamen-End
Chapter Three: A Slippery Stamen-End
Chapter Four: The Sharp Exit
Chapter Five: The First Rescue
Chapter Six: The Cut in Aereaxera
Chapter Seven: The Chute in the Tree
Chapter Eight: The Forest Under the Tree
Chapter Nine: Cartwright’s
Chapter Ten: A Long Way Away
Chapter Eleven: The Watering Can
Chapter Twelve: Hell’s Eyes
Chapter Thirteen: Strange World
Chapter Fourteen: A Long Walk Around
Chapter Fifteen: Being Childish
Chapter Sixteen: The First Man Down the Stalk
Chapter Seventeen.: An Unplanned Detour
Chapter Eighteen: A Fooxin and a Friend
Chapter Nineteen: Nobody Up
Twenty: In the Shadows
Chapter 21: Worlds of Differences
Chapter 22 — Learning and Knowing
Chapter 23 — A Lesson in Plants
Chapter 24: Horn-Grab the Day
Chapter 25: While the Sun is Shining
Chapter 26: An Apology Matters Only When Meant
Chapter 27: Behind (Almost) Every Bush…
Chapter 28: The Book of Aereaxera
Chapter 29: It’s Dangerous to Go Alone
Chapter 30: A Young Lady
Chapter 31: 1000 Stairs and Unkind Thoughts
Chapter 32: Children are Children, People are People
Chapter 33: Stupid Questions
Chapter 34: Adulthood
Chapter 35: The Wilds of the Tame Lands
Chapter 36: Lies and Lizards
Chapter 37: Creatures Great and Small
Chapter 38: Too Many Questions
Chapter 39: Tadpoles on Fish. Water Under Stones.
Chapter 40: Arrival and Plans to Leave
Chapter 41: Water Works

Expectant Worldbuilding!

These posts open to all

World-Building June: About
World Building June Day 2: Geography
World Building June Day 3: People
World Building June Day 4 and Five – History, Civilizations, & Environment
World Building June Day 6 – Plants
Back to World Building June! 7 – Economy, Animals
World Building June: Government, Economy
World Building June 11: Governments, Communication


The Second 2/3 of April in Patreon

okay, I’m a little behind on this… 

Last month’s theme was

Libraries and Librarians

Things marked with a * are free for everyone to read.

See the first 1/3 of April here.

The Library of Secrets There are two places in the Empire that are often called The Library of Secrets…
A Fairy Tale They said she was crazy….
The Expectant Wood: Chapter 22 — Learning and Knowing “She… Alyea… she ran off.  She didn’t like me?”
The Portal Closed (A Beginning)*
Cataloged *
The Trouble With Bogong Island – Tales from the Trunk

From Eseme: An Excerpt from Other Duties as Assigned

Book Store *
G is for Great Deals! *
Cya’s Printing Press *

Recipe: Chicken Salad Pitas

Blog posts, meta, etc.
Libraries – Series of Unfortunate Events *
The Morgan Library *
List of superlative trees  *
Ed’s Museum *


First 2/3 of May on Patreon

Posts marked * are free for all to read. 

Lost Niece – Lilac woke up in the middle of the night with a strange feeling of loss and, at the same time, like something had just made her stronger.
The Expectant Wood Chapter 23 — A Lesson in Plants – She nibbled on the nutmeat, finding it as described. “You really are quite good at plants.”
Run – a trunk story – “Run.” Sona grabbed Ree’s hand and, matching actions to words, began running. 

Two Concurrent Stories of Zenobia *
Family Magic Revealed  Demifiction written in the Aunt Family by  dialecticdreamer, back in 2014.
Kingmaker Cake *

Map: Kael’s Tower

Misc. And Meta
Mer-May and Tarot *
The Aunt Family House & Victorian Awesomeness *
Aunt Family Tree-in-Progress *

With a Cage * It started with a cage, the way such things do. It was a very nice cage, as such things go…

The First 1/3 of April on Patreon

This month’s theme is

Libraries and Librarians

Things marked with a * are free for everyone to read. 

The Expectant Wood: Chapter 21: Worlds of Differences
Portal Bound – a beginning

A Last Conlang Word going in to April *
Cloverleaf’s Library  *

Reminds me of… Dragons Next Door  *
The Weather, it is a-changin’ *