Table of Contents, 101 Apoc Nights

  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, I This is my camp nano project.  Enjoy! The Lord of Penn’s Land  – the warlord, although he preferred to be called ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, II Tisha shook her head and smiled a sort of long-suffering smile.  But the one with beer – a woman who ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, III Around them, all over the campground, she could hear the noises of people doing the same: settling in for sleep ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, IV The first thousand people to get to Tax Day were given tokens, 1-1000, and they would be the first in ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, V They picked up the last of the mess from breakfast, tidied Candice’s camping space, and played a game with tag ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, VI So there I was, making a deal with a fae and holding my breath while I did so.  Fifteen steel, ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, VII “Of course it’s your turn,” the older of the pair coaxed, but the younger man wasn’t quite willing to believe ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, VIII The man whose camp was on the other side of Candice’s who had brought jam and fresh berries for breakfast ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, IX Now this wasn’t the easiest route –  certainly not by row boat. For one thing, you couldn’t see quite looking ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, X The tale-teller returned, rolling his shoulders and smiling, with an amber bottle and six glasses that seemed to be ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, XI When the stew, such as it was, was simmering away over Candice’s stew pot, they had collected two more people, ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, XII They broke their fast the next morning as a group, none of them wanting to separate.  There was a small ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, XIII The booing had stopped, and they had all had their share of food, eaten slowly and uncomfortably while they waited ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, XIV “And you’re not done yet,” Candice pointed out.  “Sit for a spell, have something more to drink, and then finish ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, XV He bowed to them all, and they applauded him quietly.  The line had been moving as they spoke, a little ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, XVI Warning: a bit of horror.  He took another long sip of rum, he walked around their group twice, pacing, but nobody ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, XVII The next morning found the warlord’s staff moving around with warm drinks and warm pastries.  Everyone had their share; the ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, XVIII “Does this story go anywhere except ‘I found talking animals and they didn’t kill each other?’” “Well, eventually…”  The woman looked ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, XIX I was beginning to feel as if this was a long walk to a short death, their tale-teller continued.  I ...
  • 101 Apoc Nights: the City of Glass Story Continued “Now, where was I?” Anastasia cleared her throat, and then she continued forth.   The roads were, of course, difficult to ...
  • 101 Apocalypse Nights, XX Anastasia bowed to her new friends, to everyone she had met along the way, all as if she may never ...


Haunted House 48: Nice Guy

First: A story featuring a male keeper and a female Kept.

They rode on for a while before Jasper broke the strange silence again – not with anything related to their previous conversation, but just to tell Mélanie more about what he’d found and who he’d spoken to while at the market.  After a few minutes, Mélanie realized that he was giving her notes on his business – the people that he knew to talk to, the ones that he avoided, the ways that he tried to drum up more business. She found herself snorting.

“Networking.  It’s the end of the world – as we know it – and you’re networking.” Continue reading

Haunted House 47: Spurious Reasoning

First: A story featuring a male keeper and a female Kept.

Mélanie brought both hands to her neck.  “Obviously-” she started slowly, not sure how anything she wanted to say would be taken, “I can’t be considered to be on the wrong side of a collar, since I’m not on any side of it.  Though I think you owe me a piercing of some sort, sir.”  She cleared her throat. “And, ah. I want to be here, remember that?  Please remember that?”

“Only if you call me Jasper again.”  He brushed his knuckles very lightly against the side of her neck, just over her hand.  “I haven’t upset you, then?”

“No, sir – Jasper.  No, not at all.”

“You’re sure?” Continue reading

Haunted House 46: Further Plans

First: A story featuring a male keeper and a female Kept.

“You don’t – you can’t – you would – what would you-”  Mélanie caught herself and focused very carefully on her breathing for several breaths.  “Sir. Jasper.” She looked at him with wide eyes and found that his grin had stuttered into something of a worried expression.  She patted his shoulder, not wanting him upset, and cleared her throat. “I’m sorry you, you, ah, you caught me by surprise. What did you mean – what-”

“Oh, Mélanie, my sweetness.”  Jasper pulled her into a tight hug, rubbing her back until she could breathe again.  “I didn’t meant to upset you, I didn’t. Why does this- what upsets you?”

She peered up at him from the confines of the hug.  “I don’t want you to risk yourself. I was so upset when the  – when those thugs had you, and I, if you got caught, it would be horrid.  I don’t want something like that happening to you!” Continue reading

We Meet Again (Strangers in the Stream)

For my birthday weekend, I challenge(d) people to leave me prompts that would be fun for me to write and also that the prompted would enjoy reading enough to give me fun feedback on. 

Tall order, right? 🙂


“Shit, Dorian.”  Gianne eyed the bank of the overflowing river and then stumble-skipped down it, holding on to every branch and rock study enough to be a handhold; Dorian, an oversized golden retriever, stood at the top of the bank and barked helpfully.  “Shhh.”

The river was flowing fat and high, clearly over its normal banks, full of detritus, but none of that was what had caught her attention. The black hair with the single streak of white and the ashen face under it, barely held out of the water by the fork of a branch; it could be a corpse.  She was hoping it was still alive enough to save. Continue reading

Haunted House 45: Plans and Present

First: A story featuring a male keeper and a female Kept.

“Listen.”  Jasper leaned forward towards Kearney. “In about a week, I’m going to have a job.  It might be tricky and it might be dangerous, but I’ll be watching your back, and I’ll pay well. I can’t tell you more right now – but can I find you if I come around here?” 

The kid shifted a little from foot to foot.  “Old barn, about a mile out of town that way,” they gestured.

“Okay.  I won’t show up unless I have some work for you and I won’t invade your space, but I might have something I need help with.  One thief to another, as it were.” Continue reading

Camp NaNoWriMo – Autumn Lightning

As I described last week, my Camp Nano project is a continuation/hopeful finishing of the Autumn Lightning project, a story about (three-people-in-one-body) following Leo around, sometimes accidentally, throughout the years after the apocalypse.

While one of the appeals of this story was being able to bounce around – it’s actually something like 40 connected short stories – I’m still on Cabin in the Woods.  This is part III – where Leo and Nathan (At this point being steered by The Other, the protector-face who uses They pronouns) go to get Leo’s weapons back from the slavers who’d captured Leo – and to deal with said slavers, too.


A man fell with a thump at the Other’s feet. They looked down at the man and then back up at Leo, twice, before deciding that Leo was done with this one.

They’d reached the third floor of the place and left it christened in death. Leo moved like a panther; three times the Social One had needed to remind the Other that they were not there just to watch, because Leo seemed to move like he required an audience, like the world itself said he should be watched.

You’re not normally this poetic. Are we killing this one?

The Other looked down at the man at his feet, back up at Leo, who was toying with a woman who didn’t realize she was being played with, and down at the man. “Slaver?” they snarled, quietly enough that it shouldn’t interrupt Leo.

The woman yelped as Leo caught her by surprise. The Other smiled broadly.

The man gulped and tried to scoot backwards, although he seemed dazed, one of his legs broken. “N-no, No, of course not. I’m – I’m-”

Lying, Social offered, as if the Other couldn’t figure that out for themselves.

Words so far this month: 7690

Goal thru yesterday: 7400

Haunted House 44: Money

First: A story featuring a male keeper and a female Kept.
Previous:  Buying and Selling


The second customer left having actually paid – traded – for their goods, just as a third one stopped to finger the silk blouse Jasper’d wanted Mélanie to keep.

“You have a knack for finding the prettiest things, Jasper Fox,” the man told him.  He was an older guy, his beard long and braided into several pretty braids on the sides and his hair almost completely gone.  “I don’t know how you do it – and no, I don’t want to know, either. Some secrets are better kept, hmmm?”

“Indeed, my old friend, indeed.  Mélanie, this is Doug Carter. He’s a good customer – and if you ever need to buy something from him, count your change when you leave, but he’ll have the right stuff, mm, Douggie?”

“I always have the right stuff, my man, but you’re never buying.  No worries, Tonya down the lane was buying so I have this honey here, and, let’s see, oh, no, you don’t need eggs, do you, but how about some very nice cured sausage?  You know Jake makes the best stuff…” Continue reading

Camp NaNoWriMo – Autumn Lightning

So, a year and a half ago or so, I wrote this story – Lightning in Autumn – to Inspector Caracals (Cal’s) prompt.

This story features Leofric Lightning-Blade, from Addergoole: Ghost Story (before he was Lightning Blade), the Princess and the Elf AU/Fanfiction, approximately 8 million stories in 7 million AUs on my blog, and probably half that many or more on Cal’s blog. In addition to prominently featuring Leo,  it’s from the point of view of a man named Nathan, who is actually three people in one body – Public Face, Social Face, and The Other (though that doesn’t really come up in that story).

Then I… kept writing the story.  Through the apoc and out the other side and I kept going until it was 100000 words of a gay romance post-apoc travel journal exploration of Addergoole.

For Camp Nano this year, I’m trying to finish it! Continue reading