Landing Page (in Progress): Faerie Apocalypse

The gods left this world thousands of years ago, but they left many of their descendants here on Earth.

Those children mated with humanity and with each other, hid in plain sight, and learned to use Ftheir magic without being found out,

In 2011, many of their children come crashing through the gates onto Earth and all of the rules changed again.

This setting is urban fantasy, apocalypse, post-apocalypse, and then rebuilding, depending on the era of the story.

Work in progress: This is my biggest setting, hands-down, and I expect the landing page to take quite a while to work out.

Content Warning: While not all stories in this setting involve any of these, it is important to know that the magical/metaphysical Law of this setting includes:

  • The Law of Belonging (Keeping) – includes magical emotional control and forced obedience. 
  • The Laws of Sanctity  Including sanctity of one’s word; I.e., when a fae makes a promise, they are bound to it unless released.

In addition, the magic of this setting involves mind and emotional control. 

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Collected Stories

This is a work in progress.  Volume I Stories should be readable with no knowledge of the setting, Volume II with some knowledge, and so on.  

This is an anthology; each collection will bring you further into the world.

Volume I

Volume II

The Stories

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Small Fry & Broken Wings 2

Small Fry & Broken Wings

Chapter 1 – A cross-universal AU of Bilge Rats & Puppets, which was inspired by Puppets and Bilge Rats


This section involves more violence about Hook’s (Small Fry’s) hand.

“Easy, easy.  Ma’am, I think it’s possible he doesn’t speak English.”

Charming was trying his best to reason with the woman – with his mistress – but she had just knocked out this damaged-looking fae – a fae wearing strange clothes and with a Mask that didn’t quite hide all his strangeness – for the second time. 

The woman – who still hadn’t bothered to tell him her name or ask him, which was making him more nervous than he already was – looked his way.  “Not speak English?” She raised her eyebrows.  “You’re saying he’s not from around here.” Continue reading

Beauty-Beast 47: ♪ Thnks fr th Mmrs ♫

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Here’s the third of three chapters of Beauty-Beast thanks to Anke’s commission!  


Ctirad found that he was smiling at Signy the way he probably hadn’t smiled at a woman in years.  Lifetimes. Generations.  Like a peer.  Like a friend.  It couldn’t last, but he liked the feeling.

Of course, they had more important things than him making friends right now.

“But, uh,” he cleared his throat.  “Maybe when this is done we could set up a time to talk about all that stuff? Keeping, being Kept, being young and ignorant fae? Right now, I think we’re supposed to be talking about – well, important things.”

“This is important!” Signy protested.  Then she looked at Sara Florentia and Timaios. “But I, I see what you mean.  Let’s talk about Ermenrich and this – Nedetaka priest.  Ctirad, you said you saw him, yes?  What can you remember?” Continue reading

Small Fry & Broken Wings I

Small Fry & Broken Wings

So.  This began from Bilge Rats & Puppets. That is: in Bilge Rats and Puppets, you have Evil?Charming and DeckHand!Hook(*) in a situation where they are completely in the control of an Evil Snow White. 

And then I was thinking “so what if this was in Fae Apoc?”

Which meant deciding how I was getting them into a situation where they were from separate “groups” (in this case sects of Ellehemaei) and then getting some evil queen’s hands on Charming’s heart — 

Wait, not actually in Once Upon a Time, getting some Evil Queen to Own Charming and Hook, or rather, David and Killian.

This is set, thus, in Fae Apoc in the middle of the apocalypse.  It should be readable without knowing that setting, however. 

Charming looks like Charming from Once Upon a Time and his characterization is based on that character – and on the character in Puppets and Bilge Rats, the fic which inspired my Bilge Rats and Puppets. 

Hook – Small Fry – is based on DeckHand!Hook more than normal canon Hook – here’s the gifset I referenced in Bilge Rats.  

(*) See! to explain the trait!Name style of naming.  I put a ? in Evil?Charming’s name on purpose because it’s not clear either in canon or in the fanwork whether Charming is actually evil, and in my fic he is not particularly evil. And here is another link on the same topic. 

Okay, once again I have written an entire fic’s worth of introduction.  Have at!


The rubble hit  Charming in the head while he was still trying to stop the blasted wyvern from eating a police officer.  He had managed to get the thing pinned down, a piece of rebar through its neck, but it was still moving. 

He missed fights that weren’t in the middle of downtown and didn’t involve massive swarms of wyverns. 

He missed not seeing more than one wyvern in a month and he definitely missed not having to protect civilians who were trying to protect him at the same time. 

“Watch out!” someone shouted. He aimed his Force shield over and around as many civilians as he could while the wall came falling right into him. 

The rubble hit him in the face; he went down still trying to shield as many people as possible.  Continue reading

Beauty-Beast 46: Clarity Arrives

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Here’s two of three chapters of Beauty-Beast thanks to Anke’s commission!  


There was a moment of silence.  Not the whole lounge, thank whoever might be listening, just their little corner.  Signy was staring at Ctirad in obvious horror.  Timaios squeezed him tighter to his side, a quick gesture and still clearly affectionate.  Sara Florentia was looking at him as if he’d just gotten interesting.

“Ermenrich liked to make sure I wasn’t going to slip and say anything,” he explained to Signy’s horrified look. “Because I – because he didn’t think I was that bright.” It took effort to phrase it that way, to put it in Ermenrich’s court and not on his own shoulders, but he knew it would make Timaios happy that he hadn’t put himself down, and he thought it might explain things better to Signy. Continue reading

Purchase Negotiation 51: The Ball

First: Purchased: Negotiation


“You know, for some reason I expected you to fight this sort of clothing.”  Mr. MacDiarmad was helping Leander with his bow tie.

He didn’t actually need to help with the bow tie, but Leander wasn’t going to call his Keeper, his Owner, on something like that.

“What, the tux?  If it was something really obvious, I might have complained a little.  But it’s, uh. It’s tailored to me, it’s comfortable, and I will blend in – I mean – not like anyone’s going to see me next to Sylviane, anyway.”  He looked away from Mr. MacDiarmad’s eyes as he thought about that dress, the way it fit her, the way – He shook his head.

“Strong fighter types I’ve known usually hate bothering with their appearance.”  Mr. MacDiarmad, as it turned out, was wearing a really expensive-looking tuxedo out of something shimmering. He looked a little bit fancy. Continue reading

Fae Apoc: Dragons vs. Wyverns

I’ve written a lot about wyverns and dragons in Fae Apoc, but just now, I realized that I was making a distinction in my head that a) was not quite the common parlance description and b) I don’t think I’d explained anywhere outside of a roleplay session in my attic, sitting on Rion’s bed, when it was Rion’s bedroom.

So here goes!

In Fae Apoc, as you may know or recall, a Dragon usually refers to those that are commonly assumed to be the Nedetakaei/Shenera Oseraei Daeva.

Nedetakaei Dragons are shapeshifters; as with Shenera Endraae Daeva, they can change into any look and gender at will; unlike the Shenera Endraae, they can also become Creatures – as they get older, they can become bigger and bigger (or, in turn, smaller and smaller, although then getting bigger does take considerable energy.)  They become dragons, as in mythology, although they – and the Shenera Endraae who hunt them – generally do not let everyday people see them, at least not everyday people who survive long enough to tell tales.  At least until the apocalypse.

The apocalypse came with the opening of the portals, and from the portals came not just Ellehemaei-from-Ellehem (I am certain there is an Old Tongue word for this but I haven’t coined it yet, since Ellehemaei means Those-from-Ellehem and is used to refer to all fae) but creatures from their world: hell hounds and war cats, monsters and critters, and wyverns – animals in the form of giant flying lizards.

Some (not just the flying lizards, things in all categories of Critter) were also created by the Returned Gods, either to help them fight their battle of invasion into Earth, or because they enjoyed having very big pets.

When you come down to it: In Fae Apoc, a Wyvern may be a very clever animal, but it is an animal (and many of them aren’t clever at all).  A Dragon is a sapient, thinking being in a large shape.

Magically, Hugr, Intinn, and Tlacatl (Emotion, Mind, and Flesh-of-Makers) work on Dragons and not on Wyverns; Panida (Animals) works on Wyverns and not on Dragons.


Glossary of Terms Used here

Nedetakaei/Shenera Oseraei  LawBreakers/who call themselves Children of the Gods (known for their disdain for humans, their leaning towards extremes in all matters, and their lack of proper Names, which is actually a disdain of Naming)

Shenera Endraae Children of the Law)

Daeva Those who Inspire, a breed of Fae




Purchase Negotiation 50: Evil Stepmonster?

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“A very attack dog,” Sylviane commented, as her hands brushed over Leander’s horns. She was exploring his Change more kindly, more gently than he could ever remember anyone doing before. But.

He chuckled, shifted a bit. He liked the way she touched him. Something about the way she said attack… “Your dog,” he clarified. “Your hound.”

“Mmm. My Leander,” she murmured softly. She wrapped her arms around him, pressed a kiss to his forehead, kissed the edge of one of his ears. “Thank you.”

“Thank… why?” He blinked at her in bafflement.

“Because I can see why – I can see why you might not want to show me this. So thank you. I know you didn’t have to.”

She closed her eyes. Leander wanted to make a comment about how, if she wanted to see him, she should look, but he stayed quiet.

When she opened her eyes, it was as if she had opened his eyes, too. Continue reading

Beauty-Beast 45: Unknown Knowns

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We have a couple chapters of Beauty-Beast thanks to Anke’s commission!  Welcome back to Ctirad and Timaios et al!


Ctirad was struggling to stay awake. 

Although Timaios had said that’s what we’re here about, it had been almost forty minutes, and they – mostly Sara and Timaios, with Signy putting in on occasion and, more rarely, Ctirad having something he felt was useful to say or, slightly more commonly, Timaios asking him a question – still hadn’t gotten to doing something about Ermenrich.

He was daydreaming while they talked about mergers and acquisitions, contemplating what he would do if he had Ermenrich under his collar. He had gotten as far as ordering the asshole to never speak again when Timaios brushed his hand over his hair, bringing his attention back to the conversation. 

“I’m sorry.”  Ctirad looked up at his Owner.  “What was that?” Continue reading

Beekeeper: In Which Amrit Breaks Bones

First: A beginning of a story which obnoxiously cuts off just before the description,
Previous: In Which Mieve Faces Old Memories.

Please note: there are two chapters after “in which they stop kissing…” which have been deprecated.  This re-write begins from Amrit and Mieve ending up in bed.

This is another commission from for another chapter of Beekeeper. Thank you so much to Momerath for your patience once again!

This chapter involves more violence and a couple brief descriptions of wounds.

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