Because I can!

This hatchling is Tobeaia.
(They will have more name as they get bigger!)

Tobe was delivered by roc to an empty nest purpose-built for draxels,
made from marble and obsidian and padded with dandelion and milkweed fluff,
hemp braids and sisal strands, wool curls and kitten fur-tufts.

The nest itself is in a new corner of the Alder’s Grove Cave complex,
carved out of the raw stone of the world. The draxel corner holds
a three-nest pedestal in a small room with plenty of magical light.
The floor is made of pumice, and there are perches throughout the room for new hatchlings.

Now that Tobeaia has hatched, they will spend some time in their nest getting used to their tiny limbs.
All the fanciest Dijon bugs and plants are laid out for them to see what, exactly, they will like to eat.
And anchovies.
Because everyone loves anchovies.

Tobeaia has been crawling all over the nesting area, trying out all of the perches.
They particularly like the ones in the brightest (magical) sunlight,
but there’s one we sometimes find them on, hidden in a shadow, where they have dragged
half of their nesting material and made a snug little hidey-hole.

They are still wee, growing just a little bit every day, but they are getting faster and faster. 
Soon, we’re going to have to worry about them darting out the door when we try to leave!