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(both the lines and this brochure are incomplete)

The Eastern (Red) Lynk begins at Shipwreck Cove, where one can take a quick overland hike to the Nether Portal Hub at the Kitchen Garden or an even quicker hike to the Western (C.A.W.-Z) Lynk. The Red Line heads east over the Guardian Gulf, stopping at the Enchanting Library and Midway Mountain before crossing the Gulf.  Plans for a halfway rest stop and boat station have not yet been completed.; however, the light gray boat corridor passes close to the midway point of the Great Gulf Bridge.

(Thanks to AnkeBirb for her work on the Gulf Bridge, without which is may not have been completed for many years).

Below are the stations on the Red Line. Those with accommodations are marked with an *

Midway Mountain

Scheduled to be completed later this year.  Perched above the place where the Red Line takes a right turn, the Midway Mountain station provides a comfy resting spot or a base camp from which to explore the ocean, the nearby islands, and perhaps the nearby Ocean Monument (bring your own milk!).  Midway Mountain Island is uninhabited, save for a couple pigs, and is a quiet place for contemplation or meditation.

Acacia Station

A quaint shack perched on the edge of Guardian Gulf, Acacia Station offers access to a mine, smelting equipment, and a candle farm – potatoes and kenaf are grown, potatoes (and yams and sweet potatoes) to feed the farmed pigs and kenaf to make candle strings.  Please feel free to make use of the candle factory, but remember to breed the pigs before you harvest them for tallow.

Treetop Station*

The biggest station on the Red Line, TreeTop marks the join and split of the Blue (Neighbor) and the Red Lines. Grown from birch and oak trees, TreeTop stretches all the way to the top of the world.

16 bedrooms are planned, although TreeTop is in a state of continual addition and renovation.  6 bedrooms are currently available, starting on the second floor.  The basement offers river access, mine access, and a small foundry; the kitchen is on the 17th floor, but dining is available on the first floor.  If you’re feeling brave, climb the ladder all the way to the top – the viewing station is at your own risk!  Please be careful as you step to the edge of the viewing station to view the tip of the Eastern Peninsula.

There is another pig farm here; as always, please remember to breed before harvesting.

Jump-off Stop: Marble Mine

Two-thirds of the way to Jasper station, a marble-and-diorite mine is available via trapdoor on the side of the tracks.

Jasper Station*

Perched between the plains and the desert, Jasper Station offers easy access to:

* The Desert River Village, where the townsfolk are always willing to trade, especially the friendly cartographer.

* Gourd House and Pumpkin Pumpkin, the farm grown by Lynk Partner AnkeBirb

* A mine down to diamond level

* Cow, sheep, chicken, and pig farming

* Wild Horses

In addition, Jasper Station houses the ongoing and growing Map Gallery (in the underground level).

Chests & the garden at Jasper Station are available for trade goods for any of the nearby villages. Take all you wish!

From Jasper Station, the Neighbor (Blue) and Eastern (Red) Lines split off again.

Continuing to head East on the Red Line, you will pass by Gourd House Farm, moving over the Gourd Bridges and passing by the jump-off Gourd Station. Stop here if you wish to farm gourds; collect as you wish here but be gentle with the plantings, please!

Past that, you will soon reach the stop at Corie Lopocarium; a small village mostly known for its shepherd. A little to the East of Corie Lopocarium, you’ll find signs pointing you to a mostly-unmined mine shaft – beware of Spiders!

As you head on Eastward, you’ll reach the desert station of Heron Cistern.

Heron Cistern Station*

This station provides the basics: shade, food, and water.  Built on the site of an ancient well, free-flowing water is available to all who visit, as well as shade and a cool, underground sleeping location.

From here, one can take the Pink Spur north or continue on east on the Red Line.

Jump-off-Stop – Urbem Aedes

You’ll see the desert temple on your left before you see the village; jump off here to trade with butchers and cartographers.  From here it’s an easy wall to Two Towers Station, but do mind the gorge!

Two Towers Station*

Two jasper towers straddle the road between two train tunnels.  Stop here to farm some sheep, for a decently short jog to the ocean, or simply to climb up to the roof of the southern tower for the view.

The guards here will willingly share their food, although they do like gifts of cookies before you pass on.

Two Towers currently has no actual stop, so be sure to jump off in time.

The line continues only a little further from here currently and has no more stops.

Blue – Neighbor – Line

Ocean Stop

From Treetop, one can take the Blue Line South to the ocean.

This direction offers very little at the moment, but if you take your SCUBA gear and look at night off of the end-of-the-line stop, you can see an underwater edifice ripe for plundering.

Tree Top –  Jasper Stations

Mentioned above.  Tree Top and Jasper Stations mark the section of rail where the blue and red lines travel along the same line.

Desert River Village – Jump-off Stop

The small desert-river village of Waldseemüller is a nice place to trade, if you have patience and a lot of carrots.

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