Giraffe Calls

What is a Giraffe Call?
Occasionally (they were monthly, now about biannually), I open up a post calling for prompts on a monthly theme.

Why is it a “Giraffe Call?”
I was saving up for some pretty awesome giraffe-print carpet for the bedroom of Our New House. ūüôā Thus Giraffe. (I have a lot more renovations to go after the carpet! Currently up is my Bathroom.)

What do you do on a Giraffe Call?
I will write at least one microfic (around 250-500 words) for everyone who prompts.

I not only accept but welcome and encourage prompts without donation; the more prompts, the better! It makes a fuller, more exciting Call!

If you do donate, I will write to another one of your prompt, and, in addition, write 100 MORE words to any story of your choice for every $1.50 you donate.

But Wait, There’s More
Donation incentives vary by month, but the short version is: as the Call reaches total-dollars-donated levels, the entire call gets more things – a longer short story, writing to more prompts by everyone, or to all the prompts, a podcast of a story, even, if I reach my top goal for the call, an e-book.

In addition, there are perks for new donors, new commenters/prompters, and linking back to the call. Check each individual call for their perks.

What can I prompt?
Anything at all, as long as it’s somehow related to the theme.

If you want to prompt something related to one of my extant settings, that’s cool; if you want to prompt something completely new, that’s also cool. Photo prompts, art prompts, are awesome; I’ll take auditory prompts too, though I’ve never tried writing to those.

If I find I really can’t work with your prompt (I have trouble with zombies, for instance), I’ll ask you to prompt again.

Past Calls
August 2014 (LJ) Animalia
May/June 2014 (LJ) Micro Prompts
January 2014 (LJ) OrigFic Bingo
February 2014 (LJ) Evildoers & Bad Guys
August 2013 (LJ) Identity
June 2013 (LJ) Finish It!
April 2013 (LJ) A-Z
March 2013 (LJ) Swords and Sorcery!
February 2013 (LJ) РShades and Hues of Love (Summary)
January Mini 3 (LJ) Р7 Deadlies (Summary)
January Mini 2 (LJ) РTransitions (Summary)
January Mini 1 (LJ) РThe Weather (Summary)
December 2012 (LJ) РSiblings (Summary)
October 2012 (LJ) РThe Norm (Summary)
August 2012 (LJ) Р(Fuzzy) Adventures and Quests
July Mini (LJ) РAddergoole Summer Camp (Summary)
June Mini (LJ) РReiassan (Summary)
May 2012 (LJ) РOrigins and Creations (Summary)
April 2012 (LJ) РCelebrations and Special Events (Summary)
(LJ) – xx (Summary)
March 2012 (LJ) РSpring Cleaning (Summary)
January Mini (LJ) РAunt Family (Summary)
February 2012 LJ РWine and/or Roses (Summary)
January 2012 (LJ) РIn the City ( Summary)
December (DW) РGifts, Gifts, and the Gifted. (Summary)
November¬†(LJ) – “Family”
October¬†(LJ) – “Spooks, Creeps, Ghosts, and Ghouls”
September¬†(LJ) – “Lost, Abandoned, & Left Behind”
August¬†(LJ) – “Abduction & Rescue”
August Early¬†(LJ) – “Gender, sexuality, & how they go funky”
July (LJ) Рno topic

Pre-Giraffe Calls:
January 11 РSteampunk
Dec. 2010 РThe Green
November 2010 РWays and/or Means
Sept. 6-19, 2010 РBeginning with B
August 2-8 2010 РBeginning with A
August 9-15 РExotic, Erotic, or Exogenous
July 2010 РThe Great Outdoors
June 2010 РRoll your Own

Call for Ideas
Prompt Poll (as opposed to a late one)