Thanks to a link sent to me by seoman007 (it’s Tales of MU, and it’s not remotely worksafe), I’ve been contemplating writing a serial story. Starting off as once/week, and working up to something like M-F if the interest (readership and mine) stays.

My first idea is to use Falling as a jumping point, and the World of Doors (see also this darker intro to the world) as the setting(s)…

…or to use Midnight Cigarette and/or Wings and the world they represent. My major problem with using Midnight Cigarette is, while it’s a great intro, I think it’s also a great stand-alone story with a chance of getting published.

There’s, of course, also any other of the settings I’ve played with.


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  1. Falling also had potential as something saleable… but more as a novel than a short story. The darker version of the World of Doors (which I had not read before, neat!) could work for this purpose- I could see it being sold, but it would be harder. Oh, and that time I didn’t really get the gender of the narrator. It hovered around “neuter.” Midnight Cigarette definitely works well as a story, and should be left short, I think. Also saleable. I’d go with Wings for this project, myself. It is something that would be harder to sell, due to the vague genders. Plus I like it and thus want more. 😉 Although I did like Mapping too…

    • Mmm. The one problem I have with the dark version of World of Doors and with Wings is the tense in which I began them. First-person works okay for short stories, and second-person works okay for a RP setting, but I’m not sure I want to write a serial in either one. You will get more Wings either way, promise. I’m just not sure if this is a story about Narrator & Jesse’s relationship, as affected by James and the ragamuffins, or if it’s a story about Jesse’s Becoming, and coming to terms with what hand the Powers That Be have dealt him (since neither he nor the Narrator, and possibly not James either, wanted him to become a Daeva). As for Mapping… *nod* I have a little bit of an outline for it, but I see it being as open-ended an ending as Midnight Cigarette had.

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