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Drakeathon! Livewriting Flash Fiction – the details!

What’s Livewriting? 1889ca’s webpage describes it as “the act of writing a book or story within a set timeframe, with live updates for an audience that also participates by suggesting directions the story might go.”

What’s Flash/Microfiction? Flash fiction is generally defined as short-short stories, under 3000, 1500, or 1000 words. Microfiction is generally short, complete stories under 500 words.

What’s the Drakeathon? The Drakeathon will be two 4-hour sessions in which I ask you, the audience, to prompt me to write short fiction. I’ll ask for audience participation as I write, and post the stories as I complete them.

But, since this is an ‘thon, I’m trying to earn a little money, too (in this case, for Drake, the above-pictured kitty, who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes). At least the first three prompters each hour will have 50-word microfics written off their prompts, but those who sponsor the ‘thon will get more bang: each $5 sponsorship will get 300 words, up to a 3000-word story (anything over 1000 words will be completed in the weeks immediately following the ‘thon).

Note: I’m still ironing out details. But!

As sponsorship goals are met, those who have donated will get bigger perks:

If I reach $20, I get a pizza
If I reach $75, everyone who donates will get a printed-and-snailmailed or pdf-and-e-mailed prettified version of the story from their prompt
If I reach $150, there will be an e-book of the stories from this anthology; sponsors will get a free copy
If I reach $225, the e-book will include a never-before-seen short story of 1500-3000 words written for this anthology
If I reach $300, there will be a print book, and donors will receive a discount on said book.
If I reach $375, the e- and print book will have professional art for the covers & a second new short story.

TL:DR Summary: Throw prompts at me, get microfics.
Throw money and prompts at me, get longer fics.
If enough money is thrown at me, there will be shinies

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