Archive | May 15, 2011

Sketch Links

[personal profile] meeks (meeksp) has declared that the most linked picture every month of her crowdfunded sketches will get more work, so I present to you the two she has done for me:

Ayla and Ioanna (Lj Link) at the end of a recent chapter of Addergoole.

Aaand, from my Rin & Girey series (see tag below), Rin contemplating, Girey in the backgroun (LJ Link).

I really enjoy [personal profile] meeks work (the icon, as mentioned, is also her work, as is YsabetWordsmith’s new icon). Comments (on her stuff, not here) and linkbacks are love, and if you link to her work from somewhere other than in LJ, please ping her and let her know.

She’s still doing scene illustrations, too, so if you’re an author/poet, drop in and give her a scene to illustrate

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