Archive | July 13, 2011

State of the Lyn!

We’re this close to closing on the house, though this close seems to be a sort of half-life thing: we keep getting closer, and are still this close.

Summer is warrrrrm, but not nearly what my southerly friends are experiencing, so I won’t complain.

Mellow weekends lately; pricing appliances (the stove we want does not exist. Negotiating second choice) and watching movies (neither Green Lantern nor Transformers sucked. Could we see something that has more than that to recommend to it now?)

Knitting for family small-people went over well…

100_5804 by aldersprig
100_5804, a photo by aldersprig on Flickr.

Fishies! For Baby Cousin!

And weight loss seems to be stalling on me. Rrg. OTOH, I’m getting lots and lots of walking in! 🙂

SOoooo excited about the house *bounce!*

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