All the Love! Linnnnks!

Read my story “The Wish Machine” (from the Aunt Family ‘verse) in this month’s EMG-Zine!

All the Addergoole Fanfic!!!!

[personal profile] clare_dragonfly wrote this story of Kayros and Vic.

[personal profile] kajones_writing created
these characters and then wrote
this story and
this story.

cluudle wrote this story set in the same general timeline as my current Boom ‘fics, staring Yoshi’s paternal half-brother Etienne.

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12 thoughts on “All the Love! Linnnnks!

  1. You have so many people who enjoy writing or playing in Addergoole – maybe you really should make a roleplaying rulebook/setting book. (In your free time!)

  2. “The Wish Machine” is creepy! Are you planning to do more with that, or is it being shuffled off to the museum for some other generation to trip over?

  3. Yeah, the wish machine is creepy. Especially with the kittens… That one is a good story, and congrats on the publication!

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