Linkback Incentive Story – Straw Poll

I have the following stories written and ready to post 50 words/time for the Giraffe Call:
The Trouble With Bongong Island, from Inventrix’s prompt “Bananas, Bifurcation, Belittling Bohemian butterflies.” 2111 words draft gentlemen adventurer tale
Keeping the Gods, a story of the fae apoc, or at least a rough draft thereof, from Shutsumon’s prompt “bacchanal, barbarocracy,bathykolpian.” 1400 words of cautionary fantasy
Holding the Ways, a microfiction of an unconventional funeral, 350 words.
Avarice – From haikujaguar’s prompt “Avarice. Anemia. And maybe… appetite.” 1038 words, a story of mixed appetites and dovetailing greed.
Sunday at the Grove – From clare_dragonfly’s prompt, this is a tender story of mourning and passing on. 900 words.

Or I can write something new, in your choice of setting. Opinions? Requests?

At this posting, linkback count stood at one, and I had not entirely finished writing the linkbacks from last month’s story.

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