Giraffe Call – Having Rewarded Myself (Thank you!)

The giraffe carpet has been installed, and I finished painting the window this weekend, so, at some point, we can actually move into our bedroom

(If you are the kind person who stealth mailed me towels from thank you very much! They match the shades in the bedroom!)

January’s Giraffe Call paid two unexpected furnace service calls (The first one was because the heating oil had gelled, which is not supposed to happen if they put enough kerosene in it. The other was a small but annoying part having failed). It also helped with a delicious Indian dinner (I had lamb, T. had goat) we had with our friends E.Mc & Abjuk.

The $240 goal for January was Delicious Cake and, so, for Valentine’s day and two days afterwards, T. & I had slices of a deep, rich torte from Wegman’s, our local mega-grocery-store and bakery.

Thank you for all of the wonderful things!!

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4 thoughts on “Giraffe Call – Having Rewarded Myself (Thank you!)

  1. Hurrah for Giraffes! (and dinner and cake too) Hmm… Mercilessly execute another trouble making appliance where the furnace can see? You know, for the encouragement of morale?

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