Signal Boost Poem – The Works of Thorne from A-Z

A for Aelfgifu, for Audrey, and Autumn,
Addergoole, and Aelfgar’s myriad daughters.

What happened to Ayla1, with her glowing light?
Three kids, PhD, and a beautiful wife.

Mrs. S.2 keeps her magic in rows of black jars.
With herbs that can woo, can charm, can stop hearts.

And Autumn3 can read all the strands of existence,
‘Cept those of the heart, where she meets some resistance.

For Affection, Attachment, near and apart,
A for the Answers, Academics, and Art.

B is for Basil, for Begley, for Beryl,
For Bugs whose invasion is sorely imperiled.4

Begely5, the Beagle brought low by a thug,
His attack’s cause? Unanswered Brotherly Love.

While Beryl6, she struggles, ‘twixt magic and teen’hood,
Not yet an Aunt, nor child, between “could” caught, and “should.”

And Basil7, who watches, trying at love and life,
Summer’s friend is a good one, through her blessings and strifes.

B is for brothers, and battles, and buds.
For blossoming, blooming, biting, and blood.

C is for Cole, and Cyanara, and Cxaidin,
For the Cracks8 in the world where the boogeymen came in.

Sgt. Cole Hampton9, so brave and so very bold,
Who’d think that his night could be lonely and cold?

Cynara10 has tasted the cold and refused it
Or at least – Kept du Jour – somewhat confused it,

Cxaidin11, the dragon, pair-bonded with Zizny,
Knows of the loneliness as a distant cold mystery

C is our clutch, our cadre, our crew.
C for what comrades can shape you into.

D now for Doug, and for Deborah, for Daisy,
For Doors12 through the worlds, op’ning strange and hazy.

Daisy went to the river, the unicorns’ bride.
Ready to give, they instead took her life.

The Brontosaurus sits there, glaring at the world.
Wishing for wings he could proudly unfurl.

Deborah is stuck in an impossible strait:
The maiden Aunt, pregnant, and magic must wait.

D for the dolors, the deaths and distractions,
For Durability born out of sadness’ subtraction.

E for Evangaline, Eluned, and Eralon,
For evidence of cultures that have come and then gone.

Evanagline, Aunt to a family of women firm;
Herself just a strong, determined to make them squirm.

Eluned, the moth-girl, whose Keeper is mean –
She means well, but can’t from the past break clean.

And Eralon19, the god, comes down from the skies
to speak through his oracle when things go awry.

There’s strength in silence and strength in a voice,
Strength in standing firm, and in making your choice.

F is for Fuchsia, for Fallon, Fusefauna,
For the Factory20 making a hell of nirvana.

Fuchsia21, with Pepper, is learning of Keeping,
The hard way, the only way, with love and with weeping.

Fallon22, a sister, a mother, an aunt,
But not Aunt, trying, the best that she can.

Fusefauna23, of C.A.K.E., a Thundesitioni hero,
Living here, on Earth, keeping our streets clean.

F is for fame, and for figures so tall,
Paragons, role-models for few or for all.

G for Garfunkel, for Girey, and Genique.
For the goats that they ride ‘cross terrain steep and bleak.

Garfunkle, so angry, so tight, and so tense,
Holding in all his anger for fear of the mess.

1. Aelgifu, called Ayla, is an Addergoole:TOS character who first appears here.

2. Audrey, Mrs. S, is the narrator of much of Dragons Next Door. Her first story was here.

3. Autumn is one of the seasonal siblings of Stranded World. Her first unlocked story is here.

4. The Bugs invaded in Bug Invasion. Their first story was here.

5. Begely, the Beagel, is a character in Addergoole: Year 16. His first story was here.

6. Beryl is the niece of an Aunt in The Aunt Family/a>. Her first story is here.

7. Basil is Summer’s friend in Stranded World.. His first unlocked story is available here.

8. The Cracks are… pretty much what they say, in the Cracks ‘Verse. The first story is here.

9. Cole is the leader of the Facets of Dusk Team His first story is here.

10. Cynara, called Cya, is an Addergoole:Yr9 and Post-Apoc character who first appears here.

11. Cxaidin and Zizney are the Dragons Next Door. They first appear here.

12. The Doors open up between worlds in Facets of Dusk.

19. Eralon is the god in Eralon Explains, after The Second Restriction.

20. The Factory is the Factory half of Unicorn/Factory ‘verse.

21. Fuchsia and Pepper are Addergoole (Year 14) characters. Their stories are here.

22. Fallon is the sister of an Aunt in The Aunt Family/a>. Her first story is here.

23. Fusefauna is a superhero alien; she appears here.

This is the signal boost poem!

Let me know here if you signal boosted The April Giraffe Call.
For each platform boosted, I will post 2 couplets.
For each new prompt to the Giraffe Call, I will post 2 couplets; if they reference a signal boost, I will post four.
Signal boosts to new/unique/uncommon platforms will also get 4 couplets.
If you wish to draw an art of any stanza, I will post Two Whole Stanzas. <3 art.


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