“Gifts of the Giraffe” now avilable

Better late than never.

Gifts of the Giraffe, an e-book compilation of the December 2011 Giraffe Call, is now available in pdf.

(If you have a good program you have used for converting to epub, please let me know).

If you donated to the December 2011 or January 2012 Giraffe Call (if you don’t remember, and I don’t fault you that, I have records), or if you have donated $50 or more to Giraffe Calls in the time between then and now, this .pdf is free for the asking.

If you have not donated, it is available for $1.33.

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0 thoughts on ““Gifts of the Giraffe” now avilable

  1. I *think* I donated around then? I also think Scrivener doesn’t do too badly with exporting as epub

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