Long Weekend of Dooooom (or, at least, a lot of fun)

Wow. Weekend took me so long to recover from, it’s Wednesday before I’m posting about it. 🙂

Saturday, Rion & I went to visit [personal profile] inventrix, who lives in Colorado but was in NY for the holiday. That was loads of fun – and only the second time I’ve seen Trix in person. (Internet people are real; they’re just a little realer when you’re buying used books with them!)

Sunday was All The Gardening. Well, raking. First raking the lawn, then raking and clearing a patch of dirt for the melons/squash we plan on planting. Then more raking, I think. I’m not actually sure where Sunday evening went.

Monday, Ri and T. and I hit three wineries on the top west of Seneca Lake, then spent a couple hours at the outlet mall, then hit 2/5 wineries (“Three Brothers” is three wineries and a brewery in one) and a cafe before driving home. Then we stacked firewood until dark.

We have a lot of firewood. 🙂

That was my weekend. It looks a lot shorter in text form, but, mainly, it was a lot of fun.

How about you?

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  1. crazy weekend you had there! I’ve started thinning things out with intent to bring them to a swap on Saturday, or trade them for other plants or postage if i have to many to fit into my car. we went to a bbq on Monday which we only heard about that same day, and i visited a dear friend and had dinner with said dear friend and her sweeties. good weekend!

  2. There has been Munchkin, and a possibility of growing tomatoes, and more job applications, and today we bought an AC unit. Also I finished a crochet dragon and started writing a short thing, but it feels kinda stilted, so we’ll see on that. Glad you had an awesome weekend and are doing more stuff!

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