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July Camp Nano: A poll

So, July’s almost here, and I’m planning of writing the next Addergoole episode as a 52,000-word novella during Camp Nano. The question is, which story?

I have four in mind, and will probably, eventually, write all of them:

Year 10: She wakes up in a hotel-like room underground, with no memory of who she is, who these people are, or what she’s doing there.

As the Apoc Falls: The world is falling apart, the gods are attacking – and they are still being sent away to boarding school?

Second Generation: Their parents went here. It can’t be that bad, can it?

Cynara’s School: It’s year fourty-three of the Addergoole school, and a bunch of Addergooe alum have built their own school.

Poll is in DW, or vote in the comments.

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