Camp Nano – Last line of last night

It was more than a shout. It shook the floor. It shook the walls.

Cecily kept running, so Fernley kept running.

“Knock. It. OFF!”


42,343 words
7,757 to go

At this rate, I will finish… on August 3rd.

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0 thoughts on “Camp Nano – Last line of last night

  1. Hehe.. sounds like me when I get fed up of the cats running underfoot… [vocal lessons in projection, who knew they’d come in this handy!]

    • I was at a live-action game this weekend, and I decided the whole room needed to hear me laugh… oh wow did they.

      • *grins* Yeah, I’ve been told I do Evil Overlord laughs very well…[kinda like Brian Blessard’s evil twin, so I’m informed].

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