This weekend, I:

Went to the NY State Faire with Rion, where we ate red velvet funnel cake, looked at bunnies, cows, and other creatures, and walked, a lot. It was a blast!

(We also took Addergoole characters there, because that’s what happens).

Then we went to the vampire LARP (Live-action rp game) we play in, where our fictional characters broke 25 prisoners out of super-max with only social challenges and a bit of mind control. Then we stormed a castle (Rion’s character and others stormed the castle. Mine sat on a bluff a mile away and threw social challenges).


I sanded the walls and the woodwork in the foyer, primed it (with help from T)… canned peaches (had an exploding can), helped T put up some bracing in our shedroof behind the garage, cleaned up the back wall of the utility room, filled the holes, and sanded that so that T. could prime it.

Then I fell over.


I was going to go into work for a couple hours but the rain was so intense at 6:30, I decided to go back to bed instead.

My parents had been going to visit to help paint the foyer, but with the rain and the humidity, I ended up suggesting they stay home, since painting wasn’t going to happen. I sanded some more, played with the trim, chopped up wood for the winter, and… I’m not sure. Monday is a bit of a blur.

And now back to work!

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0 thoughts on “Weekend!

  1. Red velvet funnel cake. I can’t decide if that’s awesome or terrifying. Or both. (I’m a huge fan of funnel cake, but for whatever reason elephant ears are much more common around here. Probably safer for me that way. Red velvet cake is scary …) Sounds like a fun and productive weekend!

    • I prefer fried dough/elephant ears, but wanted to try the red velvet thing. It was… okay. Awesomely both fun and productive!

  2. Yay for the weekend of awesome! You did get stuff done (maybe not all you planned, but that is a list of accomplishments up there) and had fun.

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