Bonus Round: Dipping Your Toes In

To thnidu‘s prompt to this [community profile] dailyprompt prompt.

This comes after A Handful of Kai-Rozen Fics. Well, it comes after the post-apoc one “Secret Kink.”

He wasn’t about to tell the gorgeous girl that this was his first time.

He could fudge it, a little. He’d had girlfriends back home, of course. There’s been kissing. There’d been… stuff.

There hadn’t been five-inch stiletto heels. There hadn’t been a girl shoving him back on the bed and straddling him. There hadn’t been the momentary panic as she ripped – ripped – his suit pants off (there’d been a dance, he’d never talk shit about dances again) and straddled him, her dress around her hips.

There’d never been anything like Dita; all he could do was hang on and enjoy the ride. Getting his feet wet? This was diving into the pool with his clothes still on.


“I’ve never done anything like this.” Mea squirmed under Rozen. She was smiling. She was happy. He hadn’t been sure if he could expect happy.

“Hold onto the headboard.” Best, everyone had said, to remind them right away. “Look, you can think of this as getting your feet wet.”

“Getting my feet wet?” She wiggled her toes. “Okay. So, this is… the first step?”

Rozen pushed her dress aside. Her hands were gripped onto the headboard and she hadn’t noticed. “Or diving in.” His teeth found her breast.


“Hold on to the headboard.” Kaiani had replaced her wooden headboard with an iron one – harder for him to break, at least. “At least until I get the ropes tied.”

“I’ve never…” Rozen closed his mouth with a snap. His… his Owner… was looking at him sideways, her expression unclear.

“We talked about this. It’s not really bondage, not the way I understand it – I still have the magical handcuffs the Thorne Girls gave me, somewhere – but it’s a start. It’s, hrrm, getting our feet wet.” She tied the rope around Rozen’s wrists and looped it around the headboard in expert-looking knots. “Test it.”

He tugged carefully. The ropes had just enough give. “Feet wet?”

She kissed his throat with careful precision. “Both of us.”

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