Treacherous Sister, a drabble of Aunt Family (Zenobia) for the Random Bonus Card

This is to [personal profile] kelkyag‘s prompt to this bingo card.

It fills the “Treacherous Sister” square.

Zenobia is the post-American-Civil-War Aunt in the Aunt Family; her tag is here and the family landing page is here.

The Icon (in DW) is of another Aunt, Ruan. I don’t have one for Zenobia yet.

This is semi-concurrent with Securing One’s Own Legacy.

It was odd things that tipped you off.

The way your sister Alexandra wore her hat when she went out; the way your sister Bernadette tried not to giggle when Alexandra stepped out, the way your mother was more fierce than normal with the knife, preparing dinner, and more generous than usual with your portions.

It was odd things that saved you – the necklace your grandmother had given you, that whispered warnings, the flowers an uncle had shared, that gave off a dangerous odor, the way Alexandra never could learn to step lightly, even when she was plotting murder.

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