What Happened After School? Pania and Efrosin

This is a brief summary of the after-Year-9 lives of two of my characters from . I may do more of these, if there is interest.

After this

Let me be your boyfriend, Efrosin had suggested, and Pania had, in all honesty, really considered it. He was a nice guy, when he was trying to be. He was the father of her son, which was another argument both in his favor and against him. After all, she hadn’t asked for that.

In the end, what killed his chances was simple. “Figure out who Efrosin is,” she told him, as gently as she could. “When you can tell me that, with a straight face and in full honesty, then we can talk.”

She felt like a hypocrite as she said it, knowing full well that she didn’t really know who Pania was either. But she said it, and he left, like a weight off her chest.

She tried being Good Keeper Pania, and found that it was harder than she’d expected (and that Terach also found it difficult to be Good Kept, and had no interest in making it easy for her to be Good Keeper).

Efrosin came to visit from school, and she told him, gently, that College Party Boy was a nice role, but she didn’t think it was him.

She tried being Older Role Model Pania, and found that frustrating, and the Eleventh Cohort difficult to mentor. So she tried being Nobody’s Ever Going to Victimize Me Again Pania, and that, at least, was rewarding, although she had a feeling Doug didn’t buy the act.

Efrosin’s Good College Student role was even harder to believe than the party boy.

She moved on to Sharpshooter Pania on a whim, and found that there, there was something she really enjoyed. Her Mentor was surprisingly unsurprised by this, and brought in an ancient fae to teach her proper use of bow and arrow and a young fae to teach her better gun skills.

By the time she graduated, she’d found that Mom and Deadly Aim Pania was a comfortable fit… but Efrosin was still trying to figure out something better to be than Tom Cat Eff. She made sure he saw his son every month or so, and made no further effort to try to change him.


Pania graduated and moved to college, taking her two sons with her. Efrosin… still didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. Everyone else liked the roles, why couldn’t she?

He made sure he saw his sons every chance their mothers gave him, difficult as Reese and Pania had not settled close to one another. He went from college – high honors, but what did it matter – to the Peace Corps, because maybe there he could figure out something he wanted to do with his life?

Pania picked the college with the best preschool program, picked a major that gave her plenty of time with her children and the chance of a high-grossing career, and practiced both gun and bow every weekend.

Efrosin came back from the Peace Corps with the realization that he liked the rush he got from helping people, and got a job as an EMT in a city equidistant from Reese and Pania.

The world ended three years into Pania’s college career, when her sons were seven and six.

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