Friday Show-and-Tell

Shamelessly copied from [personal profile] jjhunter:

Friday, every Friday, I invite you (yes, you!) to share with me key Dreamwidth (or LJ, or Tumblr, or anything else) posts from the last week. They can be one or more of your own posts, posts of others you’d recommend, interesting discussions, linkspams, tiny delights, whatever stands out to you from the last seven days that you’d like to highlight. Assume that I’ve been away and pining too true and catch me up on what matters to you.

In return, I will make a point of commenting on at least one post of those you share, and I encourage others to do the same.

Newcomers, lurkers and long-time commentators equally welcome

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0 thoughts on “Friday Show-and-Tell

  1. While other slow and stalled writing percolates I have joined in on the February World Building posts. Yesterday I made a post about FTL travel in the Unnamed/Lost Colony setting and setting bits that come out of how FTL works there. I have a partially written entry about the Alterrans, the race of Kitree, the wife of the viewpoint character of Sacrifice. Speaking of super heroes, I’m seriously thinking of backing this Kickstarter project, AMP: Year One. It’s a super hero RPG set in a world in which powers have only just appeared. As they put it, “No heroes, no villains, only hard choices.”

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