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Joachim is Kept his first year by a boy, Yisachar, which isn’t all that bad but leaves him sort of flailing around his second year.

He’s got a crew, mostly for hanging-out purposes and because it’s what you do, but he doesn’t stay close to them. They’re friends, not FRIENDS.

His third year, he ends up making a deal with a Cohort-mate, Kandace, for his first kid (her second). They have a son, who Joachim names Ayman, “blessed.”

His fourth year, at the urging of his Mentor, Professor Solomon, Joachim Keeps a first-year student, June. This is Year 17; around them the world is ending. Seanán is born at the end of Year 17.

Joachim has a bad time of it out in the world; he survives a year before being felled down by a monster. Three cy’Luca sorts from Addergoole avenge him, but they have no healer with him.

Ayman is raised by his mother, who finds/helps create one of the fae-friendly compounds on the west coast. He goes to school in the year 34, where he is promptly Kept by the fourth-year student Aaricia. As is becoming more common, Aaricia chooses to stay an extra year, and Ayman stays under the collar until the end of his second year.

They have one child, part-way into his second year, Roxanne. Ayman spends his third year and fourth year hiding, not doing much and trying to stay out of trouble, and in his fifth year, Keeps Sonja.

He does his best to be good to her, and sticks around the Village afterwards until she graduates – both to learn more skills and to, when she leaves, help her raise her children. They have one son together, Dierck.


Seanán goes to school in Year 36, having grown up in the Village. Nobody can Keep him and, indeed, nobody can stop him. His first two years are constant fights and near-constant Challenges.

It takes ’til his third year for someone to explain to him about the grad requirements, and that makes things even worse. He’s a creep and a jerk through most of that year, managing, somehow, to impregnate a 37th-Cohort girl named Fila.

He names their daughter Filly and wants nothing to do with her. His fourth year, he is shanghaied by seven of his classmates into a collar for a 39th-Cohort girl, Dilys. He leaves the school woobie-headed and not sure what to do with his life, but first he fathers a son, Phillip, on Dilys.

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