Theo Status Report

We took Theo to the vet last night and he was given subcutaneous fluid, which perked him up a bit right away.

He has a small heart murmur, dehydration, anemia, and a fever. Tests show that he doesn’t have FLV, thank gods. It’s probably-a-virus, and now we have steroids and an antibiotic to deal with whatever-it-is (obviously the antibiotic is for if it’s not a virus).

T’s been feeding Theo a tablespoon of wet food every three hours, which seems to be all he’ll eat, but it means he’s both eating and getting fluid. I bought him some tasty-super-natural (not supernatural) kitty food from the hippy pet food store, and he thinks that’s awesome. In tablespoon increments.

Theocracy’s still a baby – not yet two – so I have faith (heh) that he’ll bounce back. It’s just pins-and-needles in the meantime.

In related news, our vets are pretty awesome. And immensely patient.

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