February Writing, a So-Far Summary

The Last Summary

Question du Jour: If I was going to put together of new and previously-written stories about one character from the Addergoole ‘verse (or possible one pairing), who would you like to see?

Ideas for Longfics.
January Writing Status

Bingo, etc.

OrigFic Bingo
The Storm – Amaya in her Second Year, Addergoole
Outnumbered – Nila and Tros, Fae Apoc
Balancing the Odds – Addergoole pre-addergoole
What was Lost – Shahin, Post-apoc
Exhaustion – the Aunt Family

Trope Bingo
The Special Captive, Tír na Cali/Criminal Minds Crossover, au: crossover
Betting on It – Space Accountant, “Bets/Wagers”
Excerpt Taking the Journey
Excerpt Unwelcome Guests

Random Bingo
A Row!
Treacherous Sister, Aunt Family
Gone Rummaging

Bonus Round
He Couldn’t Fail

Addergoole for Fun

Fuzzy on the Details – Ankara drabble
A Character Bloodline Profile
Addergoole/Criminal Minds Part III
After School – Pania and Efrosin
Kai-Rozen Drabbles
more Kai-Rozen Drabbles
and more Kai-Rozen Drabbles

The Cat in the Window _ Wordless Wednesday

Edally Academy
Getting Ready: Enerenarie
Almost There: Enrie
Almost There: Tairiekie

Personal: Kitty and pipes
Personal: Kitty

Friday Show and Tell
Friday Show and Tell

February is World Building Month
Giraffe Call, A Summary

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