Wordcount Contemplations

I’ve been working on beating 2013’s wordcount per month in 2014.

January’s goal was to beat 38,615 – I wrote 48,724.
February’s goal was to beat 28,822 – I’ve written 33,400 as of this post.

March might be harder.
To beat March, I need to write more than 58,837 words.

Of course, to still be beating 2013 at the end of March, I only need to write more than 44,150 words. That’s a little more do-able.


In the MEANTIME, March is an odd-numbered month, which means it’s Pirate Nano time again.

This month, the Nano goal is “finish Addergoole: book One” (about 5000 words) and then plow through a lot of Rin & Girey – Into Lannamer, for a total of 25,00 words, with an additional “at least 250 other words/weekday” on obligations & submissions


What are your writing goals?

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  1. Madrigal spring to-do list, and then see what it tells me. At least a letter from [redacted] to [redacted], a few dreams, several mod writeups …

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