Friday: A Writing Summary of the last 8ish days

February 20th Summary

Other Trees, Same Forest

Friday Show and Tell – What have you been up to?
Friday Show and Tell

On Honesty in Cooking, or Writing…

Signal Boost: Prompt Calls

A Phenomenal Description of Addergoole and a lovely post by @KOrionFray

Written to my Prompt
Priority Override by Mephit

You’re So Meta

(Seeing the forest for the trees)
Thing I want to play with in the Addergoole Universe.

February is World-Building Month
A Summary
Day Twenty: Dragons Next Door
Day Twenty-Three: Vas’ World
Day Twenty-Three: Tír na Cali
Day Twenty-Four: Unicorn/Factory
Day Twenty-Five: Addergoole
Day Twenty-Six: Tír na Cali

Stories on Electronic Trees

No Setting At All
People Talk, to a writing prompt by @KOrionFray
Locked in

How do We Manage? (Ayla and Shahin)
Promises, Regine/Ambrus
Unwelcome Guests, Part II – Baram and his house-elves, Ardell & Delaney
Unwelcome Guests, Part III
They Have to Notice Eventually (post-apoc, a continuation)
A Sea Change (Regine, Comes after Planning and
Microbit One)

Aunt Family
Beginnings of a Cast List
A Locked Chest is Locked for a Reason, Beryl

Fae Apoc

Fairy Town
Born of a Fish

Inner Circle
Background Character Word-Doodles

Fifty Years, Rin before Into Lannamer

Tír na Cali
The Collar Job, Part V (Leverage xover)
The Collar Job, Part VI (Leverage xover)
The Collar Job, Part VII (Leverage xover)

Unicorn Hair


(Living in the trees)
Canning Butter

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