Camp Nano April 2014 – First and Last Words of Monday-Tuesday & Wordcount

First Line of Monday:
Sonia hung up the phone. “Good. We’ve got the world’s most grudging invitation, but nobody said they have to like us. They just have to let us in. Ted?”

Last line of Last Night:
“They’re hitting the hill. Get invisible, you’re not supposed to be here.”

I wrote 1700 words Monday and 1331 words yesterday, bringing my total to 10,448 (par: 10908).

Yesterday was a don’t-wanna-write yesterday, but @daHob got me through with bribes and goals and cheering (thanks!) I’m a few words behind, but nothing I can’t fix on the weekend! (well, Sunday. Saturday is full-booked).

Now… now I need to outline an episode, because they’re supposed to be 10K words each, and at 10,500 I’m 2/3 of the way done with episode one…

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