Catty, a drabble of Tir na Cali

I asked for three prompts; this is [personal profile] kailing‘s

“Can I be catty at you for a moment?”

“You may, of course, be anything you want to be, Mistress.” Adam had learned. It had taken him a while, but he had learned that lesson very, very well.

“Yeah, but can I be really, really, snarky?”

“You own me, Mistress. We’re alone together. You may be anything you want to be.” Somewhere on the small of Adam’s back, an old ache reminded him of lessons learned.

She flopped down on her bed. “Without you judging me?”

“Mistress, it is not my position to judge you.” Adam took a breath, still wondering where the trap was. “You own me.”

“I know.” His new, teenaged Mistress huffed playfully at him. “But what does that mean?

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