Gone Fishing, a ficlet of Rin/Girey

I asked for three prompts; this is [personal profile] rix_scaedu‘s.

“This is not.” Girey frowned at the long pole and the thin braided line. “This is not how fishing is done.”

Rin stretched her legs out over the small lake. “It’s not ocean fishing. Don’t you have lakes in Bithrain?”

“Of course we have – well, a couple. But we fish the ocean.”

Rin baited her hook and tossed her line in again. “So do we. But we also fish the lakes.”

“With a little hook and a little line? What can you catch with that?” Girey nevertheless imitated her movements. “With a worm?”

“Ooh, I’ve got a bite.”

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      • Hello! I seriously was so far behind as to be reading on from about April 9! Crazy, right? But I am online on my Kobo ereader much more often, including lunch at work. So I tested the mobile version of LJ, and it works! So I am catching up. I did a quick post in my journal, which was probably easy to miss given that I haven’t posted in so long.

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