Camp Nano April 2014 – Back on the Horse

 So, I decided to give in to my urge and start on Addergoole: Book Two, because Episodes just wasn’t working. 

First line of yesterday: 

Previously in Addergoole:

The lift sank slowly into the barn floor, carrying the SUV with it.

Last line of Yesterday:

“I, ah, I’m glad you approve.”  Were adults supposed to act like this?

1866 words written, not up to need-to-catch-up goal but so much better than I’d been doing.
Bring me up to 27,654, for a daily average of 1202 (I could weight that for skip days if I wanted)

To get to 40K by the end of the month, I need to write an average of 1764 words a day, or 2469 words/weekday.

Here goes~

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