So, I’ve been thinking, as I rewrite Addergoole –

– no need to stop with Year 5, is there?

I mean, this is a little cart before the horse, since I plan on writing 2-3 Books of Addergoole Year 5 a year, and the rewrite will probably be about 10 Books (originally 13; I’m paring down).

But when I finish those 10, assuming I do, there’s so many directions I could go –

* Write a story in Year 6
* Re-write something in Year 9, focusing on 1 to 3 viewpoint characters through the whole thing
* write the post-apoc “fifty years later” of Shahin, Jamian, and Kailani.

Other options? Out of curiosity, do any of those appeal to the Addergoole fans out there?

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  1. You mentioned once that Shahin/Kai/Jamian were going to be the sorts of people the world bent around, someday, but for now they had to get through high school. I would be curious about the first half of that sentence. Epics? I would also like the latter half of Year 5 in a way that wasn’t rushed from wedding to going home for the year. It ended pretty abruptly.

    • Hrrm, I like it. And as for the second part – Yeah, Books 4 through 10 are going to get a way lot of rescripting. Most of the cy’ree challenge, if not all of it, will go away. The wedding will not take up a whole Book. All in all, it will get a lot more balanced in terms of action, once we get past the first three weeks. At least, that’s the hope.

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