July Theme-picking time

I’m trying something new – monthly themes!

The theme can be a setting (e.g. Stranded World, Reiassan, Tir na Cali), a concept (Love stories, genderfuckery, during-the-apocalypse), or a type of work (Demifiction, Q&A, microflash fiction).

Theme suggestions are open here – http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/738339.html

At the beginning of each month, I’ll collate a list of 10 themes, and put it up for a vote from my Patreon patrons at the $5 level and higher.

During the month, I will post at least one piece a week, probably more, on that theme. If I chose to do a Giraffe Call that month, that will be the theme of the Call. If the Patreon campaign reaches a goal level, the fiction/Q&A/Art will be chosen from that theme, too.

Want to vote on the theme? Become a Patreon Patron at the $5 level or higher by this evening.

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