Doing a bit of catching-up as well as trying to get CampNano words written today (it’s raining and I’m sore everywhere after yesterday’s yardwork/LARP).

Here’s an excerpt from an Aunt Family piece I’m writing for Kelkyag that I thought people might find interesting as a stand-alone tidbit:

The Grannies liked pushovers, and that was something Evangaline was coming to learn was not just a function of their particular branch. Every Granny everywhere had some feeling that they should have been the Aunt, would have been better as the Aunt. And every Granny everywhere wanted a piece of the power.

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  1. Squeee! I think there’ve been rather more stories about dodging becoming the Aunt than fighting for the job (and a few about trying to keep some specific person from getting or keeping the job). Or are more of the Grannies on branch lines that weren’t candidates? (Hrm. I may have to go tally stories.)

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