Escape from Rochester – Camp Nano Day Nineteen/Twenty (non-day in there)

First Line of Saturday:

I took inventory – Ess had a few nicks, and what looked like a blossoming bruise across the jaw, but not all that worse for all the wear we’d all just gotten.

Last Line of yesterday:

I stepped up just as it swiped at Candy, managing to catch most of the swipe on my jacket. It ripped my bandages but barely

Current Word Count:

Words Saturday:

Words Yesterday:


(I decided that I could add 101 words to each day between today & the 30th, rather than stress myself yesterday)

Death Count:

I still need to pick who died in chapter 4 and who was shot in chapter 5, also who went with them to the hospital. Any takers to pick from a list of names?

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